Best Trail Camera 2018 – Buyer’s Guide

Are you looking for the best trail camera that’s reliable and a piece of updated technology you won’t have to worry about?

When looking for a new trail camera there are certain qualities a buyer should be aware of. A trail camera should be able to detect activity seamlessly, there should be no mishaps or missing out when it comes to the sensors that detect wildlife. Check out these tips for trail camera setup.

There should be a long lasting battery life, so when you set up the device you don’t have to stress out and worry about the camera failing on you because of an unreliable power source. Not only is battery life extremely important, but so are the capabilities when it comes to capturing nightlife. Will the camera be able to detect long range and during the night?

Lastly, two of the most important things revolve around the quality of the images, as well as how easy the camera is to set up, use, and view when you want to review the footage. When looking to invest in a device such as a trail camera, these all are important elements that play a role in the purchasing process.


Best Trail Camera at a glance

  • The APEMAN Trail Camera is one of the best sellers on the market.
  • The Moultrie A-Series Game Camera offers a simple and easy way to use it without any of the hassles.
  • The AUCEE hunting camera offers full HD images and high-quality video capture, perfect for those who want a lot of details within a compact product.
  • Victure Trail Camera is one of the most versatile trail camera that will offer security and reliability.
  • The TEC.BEAN is one of the most high priced options for trail cameras, but it comes with a wide variety of bonus features you can’t find anywhere else.

Let’s get started by reviewing the best trail cameras on the market!

APEMAN Trail CameraAPEMAN Trail Camera

Offering a wide variety of benefits, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about this product. This high-performance trail camera has been one of the best sellers on the market for years. Not only does it come with a cheaper price tag than most you can find, it also comes packed with a ton of different beneficial features as well. From being able to record sound and containing the power to capture 12 megapixels for images and videos, you can’t go wrong with this investment. This product is compact and sturdy, rainproof, dust, and drop proof as well, it can withstand almost anything without any problems.

• A high-performance photo and video trail camera that captures 12 Mega Pixels, providing crystal clear visuals.
• This trail camera will also record sound as well, each time video is taken.
• A compact trail camera is waterproof and extremely portable.
• The APEMAN offers the user many options when it comes to the trigger speed, as well as offering power saving options as well.
• There are also lots of extra functions that come with this camera, such as timestamps, timers, real-time replay, moon phases, temperature readings and interval recording.
• This camera captures visuals at low light in black and white, this can be a slight downgrade when it comes to video quality.

Moultrie A-Series Game Camera
Moultrie A-Series Game Camera

This unique and very simple camera lets the user feel in control. While this product is very easy to use without any added features, it will get the job done with promised reliability. This camera offers a 0.7-second trigger speed for quick reactions, so you won’t have to worry about missing the direction the game is traveling. You’ll also be able to hold up to 32 GB of memory, quite a bit of space before the device fills up. It’s a great overall camera that you can’t go wrong with.


• The Moultrie trail camera can reach up to 70ft for motion capture images.
• There are also time-lapse modes for capturing wild game.
• This product can be set up in low lighting because of backlit navigation buttons.


• The 32 GB memory card that is required for operation, is not included when you purchase this device.
• This product does not have video capture capabilities.
• Many individuals think the price is too high for the lack of features.

AUCEE Hunting Camera
AUCEE Hunting Camera

If you’re looking for a high quality option on the market, this 12 megapixel, full color, 1080 P HD camera for taking still images and video is the perfect tool to have on your trails. The visual capture will go up to 65ft in distance, during the day and even in the dark. Not only will you be receiving a high quality tool, but you’ll also be covered for 18 months under their excellent customer service warranty that comes with the product. If you face any problems with this product, you’ll be covered.


• This camera has a very short trigger speed and a 2.4 inch LCD screen for comfortable viewing.
• The AUCEE makes sure to use a low flow infrared night vision led that will also capture images up to 65ft away.
• This camera will not startle animals and can be hidden very easily, even during the night.


• This product is currently not in stock.
• This product has a higher price tag than most options on the trail camera market.

Victure Trail Camera
Victure Trail Camera

This is a great middle option when it comes to quality trail cameras. Victure trail cameras offer many features, while still not expanding their price. While they may cut back on the video quality and image quality, they step up the interface of their system for an easy set up that’s hassle free.


• This camera offers a waterproof display that can endure a wide variety of climates and elements thrown its way.
• This product has HD resolution, providing the user with crystal clear images and 1080P videos.
• This product works well in daytime and nighttime.
• The Victure trail camera does not use flash to take images or video, which usually startles animals.
• You can also use password protection when setting up this trail camera.


• This product only takes three images per detection, and this option cannot be customized or adjusted.
• This product does use LED displays even at night, while they have not been known to interfere with wildlife, it is a possibility.
• There are many customers that have stated in reviews that this camera is a complete rip off for the price and doesn’t work.
• This product does not come with a memory card and they do not state that in the product description.

TEC.BEAN Trail Camera
TEC.BEAN Trail Camera

It’s one of the highest rated items as well when it comes to comparing it with other trail camera ratings. Even though this trail camera will be quite the investment compared to other options on this list, the abundance of features more than make up for it. There are various options when it comes to the model, so you’ll be able to choose the right one that works for you. Generally the features that are highlighted with the standard TEC.BEAN unit is the fast trigger speed of 0.8, taking up to 9 photos per capture, and different modes for capturing visuals, such as hybrid mode and motion detection.


• This camera offers hybrid modes to help in being more inconspicuous when it comes to blending in with its surroundings.
• The battery life will last up to 8 months.
• The waterproof case will ensure that nothing will damage or impair this unit.
• There are also multiple functions that offer unique timestamps and moon phases. Plus more!


• Some customers have mentioned that there has been a lot of missed activity when it comes to documenting night events.
• Many customers have experienced this camera not working correctly and they end up having to return it.
• The price tag is quite steep compared to other options with the same functions.


No matter what trail camera you choose to invest in, we hope that you feel more comfortable in your future purchase because of this walk through guide. We’ve given you all the information you need to make a proper decision when it comes to your trail camera needs.

Our final recommendation out of the best 5 trail cameras would be the AUCEE model, it offers a full range of features, while still having a decent price range. This would be the best option from the experienced tracker to the beginner. This investment would pay off, not only because of the high quality images, but also because of the customer support behind the professional brand.

Let us know what trail camera you feel would be best trail camera for your needs!

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