Your Best Long Exposure Photo Contest Winners

Our last photo contest “Your Best Long Exposure Photo” resulted in some really great photos. With a broad topic like this it was nice to see so much variety in the work submitted. We had long exposure cityscapes, light painting and many other types of long exposure photography. Thanks to everyone who entered and to Black River Imaging our sponsor for the contest.

We have 2 winners with this contest one that received the most votes from our readers and one that we have selected over here as the best image. Also to see some of the things we look for when judging prints check out part of this post where I talk a little about PPA print competition judging.

First the winner who received the most votes from you all, Carl. His light painting image received the most votes in a contest that was pretty close up until the end. Congrats Carl your Black River Imaging giftcard will be on its way.

There were also some other very good entries and before I announce the winner I first want to acknowledge some of their outstanding work. These images might not have received many votes but are very strong images and all in their own way show off some of the things about long exposure photography that can be really cool.

Image by

long exposure photography

Image by Emory Dunn

Image by Adam Bolwell

And the winner comes from The starry night is captured so well with this long exposure and it just grabs your attention there is so much detail going on. As your eye looks down and is drawn down by the shape of the trees it leads you right into the bottom of the image where you encounter something that is really the opposite of the sky. In the night sky there is so much detail going on but the bottom counteracts that with the flowing and silky look of the water. Those 2 competing parts of the image really give it a harmony and balance. This image also really shows what long exposure photography can really do, it opens our eyes to a reality that we never would see in the natural eye and was very well done! Congrats again!

Image by

Congrats again and a huge thank you to Black River Imaging. They offers many great products for professional photographers from Contemporary wedding albums, guest books and press printed products. For more information on everything they can create for you check out their website at:

Check back later for our next photo contest, we have a new contest every month and it’s always a fun way to share your work.

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  1. heyy, thank you to everyone that voted for my photo 🙂
    I was just wondering how I will receive the voucher? 🙂

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