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Drumroll please….. The winner of our last photo contest for the best family portrait is, “So happy together” by Virginia Page Photography! Congrats Virginia! You are the winner of a 30 page 10×10 Hard Cover photo book from Black River Imaging!

There were a ton of great shots, you can check out all of the images here: Your Best Family Portrait Photo Contest. And since there were so many great shots I wanted to pick out and share my favorite (and give some reasons why I think it’s deserving) and some other honorable mentions.

When judging an image there are so many things I look for but some of the top things are; composition, lighting, expression and creativity. Here are a few other great images that were entered in the contest that I wanted to acknowledge. My top pick is from Kelli Bramble with Sprout Photography Although there are a few things with the composition I would like to change overall I think this is a great moment captured and for a family portrait really shows something about the portrait. I am always big on adding personal elements from my clients into the shoot, I have always believed that a great portrait isn’t just a reflection of what the person looks like but also tells a story about this time in their life. That is where this image really does well, it tells a great story about this young family. I also love the colors (look at the color of the flower in her hair and how close that is to the background). I kept going back to this shot and think it’s a great moment captured. And my small critique on composition is that I would like to see just a sliver more of the dads face. Not his entire face but just a small sliver more to see a little bit of his expression. Move the camera to the right a little and maybe a little bit higher so the arm of the guitar isn’t in the way of the baby as much and I think that would help. Great image Kelli, I also have a gift certificate for you from Black River Imaging.

The perfect moment. This one comes from With the expression of the dog, the baby and the little girl this is one of those moments that you can never create if you try. But if you are ready when it happens, these moments can make the best photos. Just priceless. I like the tone of the image, its very muted so you focus more on the expressions than the overall color of the scene. In this type of an environment there can be a lot of distractions so making the image black and white or a muted tone like this can help you to keep the focus on the subjects rather than some of the busyness of the environment. The cropping also works well to cut out some of the unnecessary background distractions.

I had to add this one here just for the fun and creative factor. This image was from Shannon L. Diaz – It got a great laugh out of me when I first saw it and is a wonderfully creative collage of a family. Although the lighting is flat on them it actually very much mimics the lighting on the shot from the TV show.

Thanks to everyone who entered, look out for another contest coming up soon!

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