Yahoo Finally Updates Flickr – There Might be Hope Still

Today Yahoo finally announced and brought to life a new and improved Flickr. I have to admit I have never been a fan of Flickr at all. The design of the site has always annoyed me, it felt very dated and had too much clutter surrounding your images. I also used to see so much spam and junk in the comments that I couldn’t take it anymore. Today Yahoo announced some pretty big changes to Flickr that might be able to save the site and let it compete with Google + and other sites that are starting to get a lot of traction in the photography world.

So what’s new at Flickr? First they have dramatically given the site a refresh which was overdue and looks really nice. It looks like they got a lot of design inspiration from Instagram but with the web today people seem to all follow similar paths when it comes to design. You have a nice large cover photo at top with your profile image on the left and some information with links on the right.

updated flickr

The main page has nice large image thumbnails. Just roll over a image and you will see who took it, the title, an icon to to set the photo as a favorite, a link for comments and to make full screen. The comments link takes you to a full screen page of the photo with the comments below and looks pretty much the same as before. It looks like Yahoo just focused on the iamge display being redesigned and hopefully they will give the comments a refresh as well. The design doesn’t match the new and improved Flickr and there also could be a lot more innovation with commenting in my opinion. I also would like to see the comments from the main page as a popup vs taking you to another page. Since the thumbnails are large it would be a lot easier to just click a comment button, have a pop up appear, then enter your comments and keep browsing the thumbnails.

1tb-flickrAnother really big announcement they made is they are changing around the pricing options that they had. Before you had a pretty limited amount of photos you could store before you had to go with a Premium option and pay. Now you can store up to 1TB for free! Yes 1 entire Terabyte of data which is really a crazy amount of data to be able to store for free. Even though storage is cheap nowadays, I actually don’t know how they can make any money with giving away this much storage free. Unless they start plastering the site with Ad’s which would be a shame. There currently are some Ad’s but they aren’t bad and you can still pay for a Pro membership to go Ad Free for $49.99/year or even purchase another Terabyte of storage space for $499.99/year. If you ever need to see how much space you are taking just click on the icon of your profile pic on the top right corner and you will see a storage meter.

They also added more sharing options with Tumblr now part of the network you can share your images to.

flickr 2013 update

The site does seem to be running pretty slow so it looks like lots of people are jumping back into Flickr at once. Hopefully they get the performance back up as it can be pretty frustrating waiting a minute when you click on something to see the image.

Do you use Flickr? Share some of your work in the comments below, I would love to see your images.

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