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Yep you read that right. The awesome people over at Drobo have agreed to give out 2 Drobo units to a few lucky readers of Digital Photo Buzz. I always love to give stuff away and this is going to be a really fun giveaway. For those of you who haven’t heard of Drobo before check out some info about these storage units at the bottom of the page.

To enter the giveaway all you have to do is register here: Digital Photo Buzz Drobo Giveaway. Registration for the giveaway will be open until Thursday October 6th.

After you enter on the official form you can get extra entries with any of these actions!

  • Follow me on Twitter @digitalphotobuz and send out this exact tweet “Win a drobo in the #digitalphotobuzz drobo giveaway from @digitalphotobuz”
  • Enter a comment on our Facebook wall on why you want to win a Drobo.
  • Add a normal comment or Facebook comment to the bottom of this post.
  • Add me to a circle on google plus here. Then write a quick post on why you would like a Drobo and mention me in the post (+MarkStagi).
  • Lots of ways to get extra entries and I am sure will be another fun giveaway. To make sure you don’t miss the announcement on the winner subscribe to our email updates by entering your email at the top right of the site. Please share this on Facebook, Twitter and Google +, the more sharing the more fun giveaways we can have in the future. Thanks again to the great people at for providing these giveaways!

    win a drobo

    Some key points on Drobo:

    In case you’ve forgotten what a Drobo is — It’s an external data storage device that fits multiple hard drives. It’s like a plug-in external hard drive that is “Never Full and Never Fails”.

    Why we suspect you were considering one — is that individual hard drives get full and wear out. A single drive failure can lose your data. Not so with Drobo. Again, our customers say we’re “Never Full” – you can always insert more or large drives” and we “Never Fail” – we can withstand up to two disk drives failing at the same time, and you’ll still have access to your data.

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    Author: Mark

    Mark is a fine art wedding and portrait photographer from Northern California. He has been passionate about photography since childhood and started his studio 12 years ago to bring a fresh style of photography to the wedding and portrait world.

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    1. I’d love to get my hands on one of these. Since becoming a photographer, hard drive space is quite the commodity. With a drobo, this wouldn’t be an issue!

    2. Oh my! Am I so excited about this amazing giveaway! I have had a picture of drobo on my dream wall for some time now and YOU giving this away, is a DREAM COME TRUE! What more can I say… everyone needs a brobo!

      Thanks for the opportunity to enter!


    3. Mark, Excellent giveaway. I have always dream of owning one of these. Good luck to everybody!!

    4. That is a very useful and cool piece of technology…does this unit come with the drives?

    5. I have an old ReadNAS that is rusting. Good time to upgrade to a Drobo! Thanks Mark and Drobo for such an awesome giveaway!

    6. Great giveaway. Have been wanting to try a Drobo for a while now. Maybe this will be my opportunity. Thanks for the chance!

    7. Awesome giveaway. I have always wanted a Drobo.

    8. Oh, I’d love an external hard drive that takes the dirty job of copying data out of my hands and does it itself – and if it can operate on the network – just perfect! Great giveaway Mark! I hope I can get one.

    9. I love the drobo unit I have at work! Now if only I had one at home…

    10. I need a new back up system. A drobo would help me tremendously and curb my worries of losing my images.

    11. Great giveaway! Sure could use a Drobo right about now!

    12. I think 11 (portable) hard drives is enough of a reason

    13. Having sustained a huge data loss recently when my external drive died unexpectedly, I can certainly extoll the virtues of why having a Drobo unit is so important to small businesses like mine. If you don’t have your own IT department or a rack of servers in your home-office, Drobo is exactly what you need to protect your data, your client relationships and, ultimately, your livelihood! As a visual creative (design, illustration & photography) my digital products are my creative collateral and need to be just as secure as my financial capital in the bank. Drobo’s built-in, automated RAID redundancy is the answer. Often imitated, never duplicated… there’s only one Drobo!

      PS- Please pick me! 🙂

    14. Rather an very generous gesture and would love to win it.

    15. I am expanding my photography business and would LOVE to have a Drobo!! I would love to auto backup critical files and not mess with external hard drives. I want to be out making photos, and the simplicity of using and setting up Drobo is very appealing.

      Thanks for the chance to enter!

    16. It would be a great help with my ever growing photo archive.

    17. I desparately need a drobo, I’m stacking hard drives all over my desk !!!! Arrrgh !

    18. i have a 500 gb harddrive and a 500gb external and both are almost full and i have no way to back either up i need a way to do so thats why i would like a drobo
      o i also have 2 40 gb harddrive and a 350gb harddrive that need to be backed up

    19. A DROBO giveaway! How cool is that?!?!

    20. A DROBO giveaway! How cool is that?!?! Thanks for putting together the giveaway.

    21. I’d love to win a Drobo to store all my photos and host virtual machines.

    22. Thanks for having this contest! Would love to win a Drobo!

    23. Would love to win a drobo – such a cool device!

    24. Would love to win a Drobo, thanks for the chance and good luck everyone! I’d use it for storing my work and media.

    25. I want to win a Drobo so I can store all my now scattered files in one location.

    26. Would love to win a Drobo! I need more storage 🙂

    27. The drobo is brilliant! You can never have too much redundant storage.

    28. I sooo need to win this..

    29. I’ve got the perfect spot in my digital darkroom for the drobo.

    30. I would SO love to win one of these! My current method of backing up to several external drives is very inefficient. I have over 40,000 images I’m trying to protect – please help a gal out!

    31. I need this…. 🙂

    32. I want! I want! Pick me! Pick me! 🙂

    33. I would just like to win something… and the storage would be nice

    34. Thank you for the great giveaway. I just recently lost all my photos and documents that I had stored on a Fantom Green Drive, made me sick! Cossing my fingers I win. 🙂

    35. I love the Drobo! Seen them in action and they would be _great_ to have.

    36. I’m looking for a device that can do iSCSI. Can the Drobo do that? Oh, and *please* send me one! 🙂

    37. I dream of Drobo.

    38. Need to backup before I move back to Colorado.

    39. As an up and coming freelance photographer I find the storage space on my PC is quickly filling, plus the fact that I don’t have a current back up really scares me! I have been looking at Drobo for a while now, winning one would be absolutely great!

    40. With all the pics I’m taking these days I need a TON more storage. Bring it on DROBO

    41. Drobos are AMAZING!

    42. I would love to have this…iPhoto, Lightroom, and PS are really slowing me down! Not to mention that I’d hate to lose those precious photos! Thanks for the chance…

    43. I really need to replace my old and ugly LaCie raid. It was great at first but now I want something a little bit more intelligent. Something that I can connect to my network. Something that can stream my media. Something that looks sexy. Something that’s easy to use. Something that is easy to upgrade. I guess I just described a Drobo… 😉

    44. Have one, need another already 🙂

    45. With almost 14 years of digital photos on my hard drive, this thing would be a life saver!

    46. I would hate to lose my photos!

    47. We just upgraded computers because of space issues with all of my files, so it would be awesome to have a back-up system to help store everything.

    48. I recently have had a hard drive crash on me. Lost tons of data! Would love to have this Drobo!

    49. Here we go Drobo here we go! Sorry I was writing this while watching football

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