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Every day we post different types of tutorials, photography guides, marketing info, product reviews basically anything I think (or hear from you) that would help out your photo journey and make us all better photographers. Today though I wanted to do something a little different. I get a lot of great feedback from polls on this site or Facebook and twitter and through that I have been able to somewhat get to know a few of you. But today I wanted to open up a conversation with everyone about who you really are and what inspires you. So in the comments below leave us a little note about who you are, what inspires your photography and what your photography dreams are. Leave a link to your website also so we can all view some of your work.

And if you are stumped on what to write i’ll start it out with a little about me. For me Photography has always fascinated me it’s ability to capture as Bresson-Cartier put it “The decisive moment”. There is that one split second moment that captures the essence of a person or moment and to me that is such a powerful thing. I love being able to create images that show who someone really is, real life images that capture a slice of what was going on in that one split second of someones life. I also love the creativity and endless potential that photography has. As a way for me to express myself, my thoughts and feelings photography is an amazing art medium that I have been passionate about since I can ever remember. I am also inspired as an artist by my family. I look into the eyes of my 2 year old daughter and see the beauty, fascination, and wonderment of a child that inspires me to be creative. The creation that God has put on this earth, from us to the details of a flower or grandness of a sweeping landscape amazes me and inspires me each and every day.

Although this isn’t the best shot (actually just a quick iPhone snap by myself) it sums up part of what inspires me. Still need to work on getting that family portrait of all 4 of us done one day, i’ll update this photo when I do 🙂

So share a little about who you are and what inspires you below.

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Author: Mark

Mark is a fine art wedding and portrait photographer from Northern California. He has been passionate about photography since childhood and started his studio 12 years ago to bring a fresh style of photography to the wedding and portrait world.

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  1. I have been into photography for 35 years or so and I am inspired by just about everything around me. The world seems to revolve in a series of snapshots for me. My niche would be vehicle photography but I am slowly learning more about portraits and hopefully get good enough to try a wedding or two without dashing a brides hopes and dreams 🙂
    I have my work at http://www.garypaakkonen.com and have a gallery of freebie textures there to download.

  2. I’ve been doing photography for about year, but got really serious this last April when I entered one of my captures into a juried exhibit at a local gallery here and it got accepted. Since then I have been in 1 more exhibit, and have entered a few contests, and will be submitting to more galleries in the future.

    My largest source of inspiration is creation around me and some architecture. My favorite place to shoot is Rocky Mountain National Park, most of my shots come from that place. I could live there with a blanket and MP3 player and my camera and be just fine 🙂

    I have been very blessed so far in this journey to meet some awesome people who have inspired me to push my limits.

    Thanks for the opportunity to share!


  3. My continuing photographic adventure began with pictures of the kids and it grew from there.
    I am originally from Hawaii and home has become my inspiration. I see the islands with a new perspective now, looking at light and colors. I could take pictures all day everyday and never have the same shot twice.
    I have recently been hired to photograph my first wedding. I have read every article I can find and spoke to several local photographers; Needless to say I am still nervous. (Any advice would be greatly appreciated)

  4. I’ve been really serious about photography for about a year. The one thing that really drives me is the feeling that life goes by so fast and we don’t see everything that’s there.

    Freezing a scene, a landscape, or a person lets you stop and look at everything that was really there. Everything you never saw or never saw the way it is shown in the photo. It’s like there’s an invisible world around we never see because we never have or take the time to see it. Once it is frozen, things are revealed to us… beautiful things, odd things, or meaning in someone’s eyes.

    So I guess this invisible world is what inspires me. I realize this might sound a little broad. I expect that maybe over the years my inspirations may narrow down to more specific subjects.

  5. I love photography for its creativity. You can make almost anything out of a photograph. Several people can take an image of the same subject but everyones image will guaranteed look different since we all think different when we design/compose our image.
    Now with Photoshop at hand there are definitively nothing stopping us the creative world is endless.
    My website: http://www.shippeyphotography.com
    My Blog: http://shippeyphotography.blogspot.com/
    My Facebook fan page: http://www.facebook.com/shippeyphotography


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