Whats new with the iPhone 5S camera?

With the long anticipated release yesterday of the iPhone 5S we get to finally look at the specs that have been thrown around the rumor mill for months. As with most iPhone upgrades there was a large amount of space during the announcement dedicated to the camera specs of the new iPhone. With the huge rise of iPhoneography and apps like Instagram and others the camera and software play a big part of Apples plans.

Although when Phil Schiller made the announcement he did strike a nerve with me by saying something to the effect that it used to be the photographer that made better pictures and now there is so much technology to get better photos, i’ll ignore that for now and today just focus on whats new with the iPhone 5S camera. Maybe another day we can all talk about gear and how it doesn’t matter much compared to the vision we have, but today i’ll try to keep on point 🙂

So whats new with the camera the iPhone 5S includes? Lets take a look at the biggest features:

  • New sensor – They increased the sensor 15 percent to a 1.5-micron pixel size. With larger pixels this will give us better results in low light which is always a plus for a camera phone.
  • Updated lens – The lens is an updated five-element custom Apple lens with an aperture of f/2.2. This replaces the current f/2.4 lens of the iPhone 5.
  • New dual LED flash
  • – Another thing that any camera phone I have ever used that constantly annoys me is flash. The quality is always poor and the color of the light never seems to be right. I don’t think this new dual LED flash will fix most of the issues a tiny and direct flash has on an image but at least it’s a step in the right direction. With this new flash there are two LEDs, one a normal cool white hue and the other a warmer one. Apple can mix the 2 together to give you 1000 unique variations of light!

  • Burst Mode – With the new burst mode the iPhone takes 10 frames per second and will suggest individual shots or a sequence of the best photos.
  • Apple also has made some improvements to the video aspect of the iPhone where you can shoot video at 120 frames per second and then afterwards slow that down to 1/4 speed for some cool slow motion effects.

    So what do you think of the updated camera in the new iPhone 5S? Leave a comment below and lets chat.

    iphone 5 camera improvements

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