What to charge for your photography slideshows

When I first started offering slideshows years ago I was excited about the extra impact that music and good transitions gave my work and started to do these for my wedding work. The first question I started to get from many other photographers who I showed these to was “cool, those look great. How much can you charge for them”. The funny thing was my answer was always $0. Yes, a big fat $0. Some photographers thought I was a little bit crazy, “you could easily charge $300+ for a nice slideshow right?” they asked. Yes, you easily can however some things I don’t look at as products I can sell but as purely marketing material. The cost of creating slideshows can be very inexpensive (i’ll cover who I have used and why in a post coming up soon) and it makes for a very nice surprise for your clients.

Think about it from their end, you are on your honeymoon relaxing on the beach in the bahamas. Happy and in love but just like most people checking your email still on your iPhone. You get a email from your photographer telling you how awesome the wedding was and that he has created a little highlight reel of the day for you. Clicking on the link you see a beautiful 4 minute slideshow set to music that brings back all of the memories of the day. That slideshow also has many cool ways to share it with their family and friends, they can quickly email a link to the slideshow or post directly to their Facebook wall or Twitter. After sharing it on Facebook the video is watched hundreds or even thousands of times to all potentially new customers. I want to always get my work out in front of as many people as possible and with how easy it can be to share these types of videos its really a great marketing tool.

There are many things that we can offer our clients that could be great little add-on sales but what can be much, much more valuable compared to add-on sales is the value of a very high referral driven business. When you build up great relationships with your customers and go above and beyond from time to time to give them something great it will give you so much more compared to a few extra sales. There are a few other similar things that I do that add extra cost for me to each wedding but really go above and beyond to provide an amazing experience to our customers.

Here is a little sample of the type of slideshows we get created. We use emotion media for these and i’ll have another post coming up soon showcasing a little more about what they do and some of the other creative ways that we use slideshows over here to grow the business.

Do you currently offer slideshows for your wedding business? Lets start a conversation in the comments below or on our Facebook page.

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Author: Mark

Mark is a fine art wedding and portrait photographer from Northern California. He has been passionate about photography since childhood and started his studio 12 years ago to bring a fresh style of photography to the wedding and portrait world.

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  1. Hi There, I have always loved the slideshows, I wonder what software most people are using?

    Thanks, for a great article.

    Pam Ellis

  2. We do offer slideshows for weddings. We offer it for 200$. It contains around 300 pictures (all that we show to the clients after the wedding)it last about 15-17 minutes. That way we try to encourage clients to chose less pictures in the album and make it more artistique. The Dvd can be played on a big screen tv. We make a teaser slideshow for shearing and for our marketing too.

  3. we use Animoto and loooove it!

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