Wedding Slideshows and Emotion Media

Wedding Slideshows and Emotion Media

A very important part of having a photography business is always having your best image out in the public eye. Slideshows are always a great way to show off your work weither you shoot portraits or weddings. Adding a little transition to the images along with some nice music can really enhance your images and give you a great first impression with your clients. I have always been a very big fan of slideshows and a company I have used for many years now and continue to be a huge fan of is Emotion Media.

Before I get into a little more about their product I want to share a little bit about how I use slideshows. First slideshows aren’t something that I charge my clients for or have as a product. For me its really about getting my work out there and having something that my clients can cherish and share with their friends and family to spread the word about my business. My normal flow is as quickly as possible after the wedding (when emotions and memories are still really high) I get together a group of 100 or so outstanding images of the day. These are always images that have a lot of pop to them and are different, I always look for shots with unique lighting or an artistic spin on them instead of the typical images. I then put together a slideshow that people can access and SHARE on the web so the bride can get a quick glimpse into her day and share that wedding slideshow with everyone on Facebook or other ways. I try and get these slideshows out within a week after the wedding so my images can be the first ones that anyone sees from the day.

Where Emotion Media has always stood out is in the quality of their shows. They offer HD quality shows that play on the web in any browser or device and also can be downloaded so you can burn your clients a CD. What I love about the web shows is that your clients can email their friends the link or share on Facebook, Twitter or other social media posts. I embed these into my blog when I first share with the bride and groom but even if someone views the stand alone webpage there are links you can add so you are always directing people back to your website.

Aside from the high quality of the shows and effects the creation of sideshows is very easy. They have many templates to choose from and then its just a matter of choosing the images, uploading them to their app and then picking the songs. You can use the royalty free songs they have (which are very good non cheesy songs) or even upload your own. It normally takes me just a few minutes to put together a slideshow and they are created in a matter of a few hours.

The other nice thing about this company is they have a yearly subscription. You can do month to month as well but for the year its a very good value at $249. With this you have unlimited slideshows so what you can do is not only provide slideshows for your clients but also all vendors. For awhile I used to create slideshows for most of the vendors at a wedding. Think about it, a few weeks after the wedding and you can send the coordinator, venue, florist, cake maker and any other vendors a customized slideshow with their nam and logo included into the slideshow. Have them embed it into their blog or website to showcase their products in the best light and you just gave them something of a high value while also getting your name out in front of more brides! It works out great for everyone.

If you aren’t currently doing slideshows I definitely recommend it and also giving emotion media a look. You can find them online at and also do a free 30 day trial to give them a spin.

Here is a quick sample show for you to see. Grab some popcorn and enjoy 🙂

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Author: Mark

Mark is a fine art wedding and portrait photographer from Northern California. He has been passionate about photography since childhood and started his studio 12 years ago to bring a fresh style of photography to the wedding and portrait world.

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  1. Hi Mark. Firstly I love your articles and have a special folder in my mailbox for them :). Thanks for putting in all the time and effort – it really is a big task to take on – I for one appreciate it (as I’m sure many of your other fans do too). I’m creating my slideshows now – which I’m very excited about – but for the life of me cannot find any non-cheesy royalty free music! Do you have any suggested sites?

    Again – keep em coming – no pressure…….

  2. Thanks Sharon for the comment! Check out they offer some great quality royalty free music and the pricing is good.


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