Wedding Photography Tips – Impact For Getting Ready Photos

Weddings are emotional days and there never is a shortage of emotions to capture at a wedding. From the wedding vows to the emotional dance with the father of the bride there are emotions happening all day long that give us plenty of moments to capture. One of my favorite parts of the day to capture emotions is the getting ready time. When the bride is getting ready there are so many emotions that fill the room, excitement, nervousness and joy just to name a few.

When I am photographing a wedding I always act as a visual storyteller and really try to capture the mood and essence of the day. With the getting ready part of the day I tend to shoot with a 50mm 1.4 lens or a 100mm 2.8 macro. I really like to get in very close but don’t reach for my trusty 200mm for a few reasons. The first is usually I am shooting in a pretty tight space and the 200mm might be a little too close. The second reason is even though I want to get in really close to the bride and capture those great tears of joy or other emotions I also want to gain her trust for the rest of the day. I really prefer the working distance that a 50mm lens gives me. I am fairly close to my subjects so get to interact with them a lot. When you are across the room trying to snap away the bride still knows you are in the room any may tense up a bit, she might even withhold some tears depending on the relationship you have already setup with her from past meetings. I want to be like a long lost friend at the wedding, I am in the room hugging everyone, laughing, telling jokes because I want real emotions and real images of everyone with their guards down. That’s my style and what the end goal is. Your style might be different so you should approach this part of the day a little different.

The processing of these images to fit within my vision is also very important. We should always place a lot of thought into the toning of images and make sure that the final product matches the vision for that shot you have in your mind. Check out this part article “The Importance Of Toning Your Images” for more info on toning. Many times during these emotional images I will prefer a nice black and white image so that the user really focuses on the emotions of the shot and isn’t distracted by the color.

Sometimes though having a very nice warm color can add to the moment though. In this image I just love the warmness of the skin tones balanced with the background wall. The overall warmness of the shot really adds to the warm moment thats going on.

wedding photography tips

My last little tip is that even though I want to always get in fairly tight to capture the action don’t forget to include other people to help tell the story. When the bride is interacting with her friends make sure to include them in the image as well or even use other people to really frame in the main subject. (see framing the shot – using people to frame in your main subject. for more info on this)

wedding photography tips

Remember that however you approach each part of the wedding day should fit within your exact vision or style. We are all unique and will approach our art unique. For me the getting ready part of the day is all about having fun with everyone, building up the trust factor for the rest of the day and capturing the real emotions and moments going on.

Happy shooting everyone! Remember if you have any questions about weddings or anything else with photography let me know, lets chat.

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