Vintage Scene HD iPad app review

With the iPad 2 event going on today in San Francisco its a perfect day to post another iPad app review. With apps still really in their infancy for the iPad I do believe there is going to be some amazing new tools created for photographers coming up in the next year! VintageSceneHD is a new iPad app out there in the Photography section that intrigued me when I first saw the example images. Always a fan of the vintage look for certain images, this app gives you a way to add borders and overlays to your image to create a vintage feel to the photo.

First i’ll start with the positives. Right off the bat this app does do a good job with creating a vintage style image from one of your current photos. I grabbed a quick photo of a amusement park and with the standard vintage scene it looks really nice. Here is the original image and after applying the vintage scene to it.

vintage scene ipad app

You start by importing a image into the program and then choose from 1 of 2 different types of “styles” either Vintage or Antique. Within each style there are also many different types of pre created presets (about 30 presets each in these 2 different styles). Each preset has a different tone and type of texture and vignette to it. Just like with many presets some are a little over the top and in my mind not useful but many are really well done and do give you a very authentic vintage feel to it.

vintage scene HD iPad app

Once you select a preset you can tap the Adjust button to make some fine tuned adjustments. Here you can adjust the following: Image Age, Fade Out, Image Strength and Texture Strength. The only negative here is that since there is no real time preview you have to make the adjustment, apply it and wait a few seconds to see the effect. Then if it isn’t perfect you have to go back to adjust again which can be pretty time consuming.

vintage scene ipad app

Finally there is a tab called Overlay where you can change the texture that overlays on the image to something else or select a border. There is a good selection of artistic borders here to choose from. Once you have the image set the way you would like tap the save tab. Here you can save to your camera roll but also post to facebook or email the photo. One pretty huge plus that you don’t see in many other photo apps is the ability to save the settings you have just used as a preset so you can quickly adjust other images to match this accordingly. It’s pretty useful once you go through the time to get a image just the way you want it so you can reuse those settings on another image.

A few things that the app needs:

– Real time previews. When making adjustments or even picking the preset you want to use it is so helpful to see a real time preview so that you know what it will look like without wasting time for it to render and you don’t l ike the way it turned out on that image.
– The ability to change the texture overlay to not be centered. Right now the edges of the image have a nice vignette and texture applied to them. The center of the image does not so more of the photo shows through. This works perfect for an image that is centered but doesn’t work at all for images where your main subject is off center.
– Undo button
– Ability to be able to use a “brush” type feature to brush on and off the effect just for certain parts of the image.

Overall a fun app to add a quick vintage look to an image. Out of 5 stars this app would rate a 3.5. You can download it from iTunes here: Vintage Scene HD iPad app . It’s $2.99 currently and a useful app for less than the price of a coffee. Check it out and share some of your vintage photos on our facebook wall, Digital Photo Buzz on Facebook.

Also now that the iPad 2 specs have been announced, i’ll post my first thoughts as soon as possible. Apple fans check back soon.

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Author: Mark

Mark is a fine art wedding and portrait photographer from Northern California. He has been passionate about photography since childhood and started his studio 12 years ago to bring a fresh style of photography to the wedding and portrait world.

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  1. Hey Mark, what about us droid people… anything like this for us? I use at present the most awesome editer out there. I forgot the name and my phone is dead so I can’t tell ya the name, but it is the most customizable, and awesome. I just want something just like this –

  2. Sorry I don’t know much about the Droid apps yet. Might dive into it in the future and review some apps for you, stay tuned.


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