Using a Lightroom Print Template for a Facebook Timeline Photo

The print module in Lightroom can confuse people sometimes and I have always thought they should name it something different. It isn’t only a place to prep images to print but can be a great place to create a layout that you can use for the web, an album or really just about anything.

Today I want to show you how to create a print template that you can use as your Facebook timeline cover photo. I’ll also give our a free template at the bottom of the article so make sure to read it through the end 🙂

First lets start with the size of the Facebook Timeline cover photo. The official size of this area is 851×315. You can upload it larger and they will scale it down and for this example I am going to start with a larger file at 300ppi that way if we do want to use the layout for print or anything else it’s in a nice large format.

To start click on the Print module at the top and then go down to the bottom to set the size of the image. Here I am setting the image at 300dpi and a resolution of 11.82×4.38 which is a scaled up 851×315.

lightroom print templates

Next you will want to add the cells that will be used to drag your photos into. On the right hand side scroll up to the cells section. I’ll click the top option 2.5×3.5 to get started and then customize the size by hand. When you click on the 2.5×3.5 button you will see it adds a box to the layout that has handles around the 4 corners. These boxes can be repositioned in any way so here I sized them to be centered in the middle of the layout.

lightroom print templates4

When repositions cells it can be helpful to turn on the grid snap. This is in the box on the right in the Rules, Grids & Guides section and under a drop down called Grid Snap. I usually choose cells here so that the cells snap to each others position when moving them around.

You can get as creative as you would like and place as many images as you need in various shapes/sizes. Once you have the layout done all you need to do is drag and drop images from the filmstrip below into the cells!

Now time for a freebie! For our Facebook timeline I updated the cover photo with a clean white image that includes 5 images. I used this on our page so you can check it out in action: Digital Photo Buzz Facebook. This works great to showcase some of your portfolio images. It’s a free download all you have to do is click the Add to cart button.

Add to Cart

lightroom print templates for facebook

For instructions on how to install this template into Lightroom see this article. Installing Lightroom Print Templates.

Enjoy the template and leave a comment below with your Facebook URL after you have customized the timeline photo so we can all see it!

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