Upright Feature in Lightroom 5

Another new feature that Adobe added with Lightroom 5 is a feature called appropriately Upright. This is a easy way to fix issues like perpective issues with buildings or horizons.

Using the Upright filter is really easy and i’ll walk through the different settings here. One of the most common uses you might have for the Upright feature is to straighten out a horizon. Before we get into the tool you will want to turn on a grid overlay to see how straight (or skewed) your current horizon is. This can be done by going to View –> Loupe Overlay –> Grid.

Grids in lightroom 5

Now that we can see if the horizon is straight or not lets go to the upright section which is located in the Lens Correction section in the Develop module. There are 3 options in the Upright feature, “Level”, “Vertical” and “Full”. Before choosing one of these I would suggest checking the 2 options at the top Enable Profile Corrections and Remove Chromatic Aberration. This will help the algorithm that Lightroom runs for the Upright feature to be more accurate and Adobe advises to check them both on.

upright lightroom 5

For this sample i’ll start with an image that might normally be a little tricky. Even though the eye can tell that this image is taken at an angle there isn’t a clear horizon for the computer to see like you would have photographing the ocean or a straight horizon line.

upright too lightroom 5

To adjust the horizon all you have to do is click on the Level button and Lightroom will automatically find the horizon and adjust! In this example it actually worked pretty well. The only thing is that since Lightroom had to skew the image there are some white areas around the corner. To finish it off all you have to do is click on the constrain crop button the Lightroom will crop out these edges.

upright lightroom 5

Pretty simple and can come in handy every time you have had an extra margarita before getting those beach landscape images.
Here is the final cropped image:

new upright lightroom feature

I’ll cover the other parts of the Upright feature in our next article along with a video tutorial of the feature. Stay tuned and remember to sign up for our email updates by entering your email in the top right corner of the site.

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