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With the full release of Lightroom 5 out I wanted to take a little bit of time today and walk through the upgrade process for Lightroom 5. If you don’t know whats new with Lightroom 5 you can read a quick writeup of some highlights in the new release here: Adobe Releases Lightroom 5.

First just like all past versions of Lightroom when you install the upgrade the application will sit alongside the existing versions of Lightroom you have. Adobe never replaces the software it will be treated as a totally separate application on your computer. Before upgrading it’s always a good idea to create a backup of your Lightroom catalog, it always pays off to be extra cautious with our work. Once you have the software downloaded and ready to install first quit any existing versions of Lightroom that you have open and running.

When you launch Lightroom 5 it will first look for your existing catalog and show a prompt to upgrade your existing catalog to a Lightroom 5 version. Click on the Upgrade button to accept this and then depending on the size of your catalog go get a cup of coffee or head out for dinner while the upgrade takes place.

Lightroom5 install

If you have more than one catalog in Lightroom you will have to upgrade each catalog the first time that you choose to open them. Lightroom will also leave the old catalog in place and will perform the upgrade on a new copy of your catalog. Also since it’s creating a copy it will rename the catalog. In this example I upgraded from Lightroom 4 to the final version of Lightroom 5, my original catalog was named Lightroom 4.lrcat and the updated catalog was renamed to Lightroom 5.lrcat.

After the upgrade has finished taking place you can delete your old catalog file or keep it as a backup. If you don’t know where Lightroom is currently storing your catalog file and want to find the path it’s easy to find. For Mac users just Command click on the title bar in Lightroom and you will see the path. If you click on the folder right beneath the catalog name this will open up a new finder window at that folder location. For all the PC users if you hover your mouse over the name in the upper left side of the title bar it will show you a tool tip that gives the path location.

Lightroom5 install2

The upgrade process is all automated and pretty painless other than the time it takes. Once it’s done you are all ready to resume work!

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