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Every year around the end of the year I love to do some top 10 lists. Being a gadget guy I always have to write down my favorite iPad apps of the year and this year there have been some great things created for the iPad. Every year the software for these devices gets better and better and I really think that next year is going to blow things out of the water with new apps! Here are my top to iPad apps for 2011 for photographers. In no special order just all some solid apps that I think everyone will love, click on the link to see our review:

1 Password Application – I use this daily on my iPad to remember all of the web passwords that I use. That combined with the desktop app make having strong passwords a breeze.

Stuck on Earth iPad App – A really beautiful app with some amazing images. Take some time to sit down with this one and be inspired.

Snapseed for iPad – Very creative editing application and really cool interface to control the app. Clean and easy to use, one of my big favorites this year.

portfolio ipad app Portfolio for iPad – If you need a custom way to showcase your work to your clients, check out the portfolio app!

The Suite of Adobe Photoshop Touch Apps – Adobe went big into mobile this year and has some pretty cool apps out there that help you work better with photoshop while on your iPad.

PhotoForge2 iPad – Layer support for the iPad! Need I say more 🙂 Pretty awesome editing app.

Air Display iPad App – A pretty cool way to extend your display. This makes your iPad act like a 2nd monitor so you can have your photoshop pallets on the iPad for quick adjusting and also to maximize screen space.

TouchRetouch HD iPad – This app is kind of like the content aware fill for Photoshop. Just swipe with your finger on an area to automatically remove it, for simple things like power lines in the sky it makes retouching simple.

PhotoToaster iPad App – There are a few editing apps here on the list already but each serve a little different purpose. PhotoToaster is a pretty good all around editor with some nice filters to use.

LightTrac for iPad – An excellent app for location shooters to figure out sunrise and sunset light.

Do you have a favorite iPad app? Let me know, I am always looking for some great apps to review so send a comment below.

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