Tips for navigating the grid view in Lightroom

The grid view in Lightroom is a common place where we can spend a lot of our time reviewing images. At a wedding I can easily shoot 1000+ images and always spend a lot of time culling images and searching through them in the Library view in Lightroom. Today I wanted to share a few quick tips to help you save some time and work better in the grid view in Lightroom.

First a quick reminder about using keyboard shortcuts (and check out some top Lightroom keyboard shortcuts here), they will always save time and to get to the grid view just click G.

  • Using the -/+ keys – One really good way to adjust your screen is to use the plus and minus keys to increase/decrease the size of the thumbnails. Personally I like to view the images pretty small and click into them to view more detail but we are all different. Try it one way for a day and then change it up to see what works best for your workflow.
  • Multi Select – When you multi select images by either command-clicking to choose images one by one or by shift-clicking to select rows of images you will notice that the selected images are highlighted but one of the images is a little brighter than the others. This is your master selection and will be used as the main selection if you are going to sync other images. If you are selecting multiples it will be the first photo you selected but many times you might want to change it to another image. Once you are done selecting just on the image areaof the new photo you would like to be the master selection. It’s important to click on the image area not the gray area above or below (that will deselect everything).
  • Adding extra detail Did you know that you can add extra detail at the top of every thumbnail like exposure info and camera metadata? Just click on View –> View Options in the menu and check the Show Grid Extras checkbox. Then choose Expanded cells and at the bottom of this menu choose what you would like to appear here.
  • I like to see details on the exposure and camera so usually customize it like this:

    Now you have all kinds of useful info right from the Library view.

  • Adding the forward/back arrows Another little hidden trick that you might not be aware of is the bar right beneath the thumbnails is customizable and you can add in a forward/back buttons to help navigate. Just click on the small arrow at the very bottom right of the thumbnails to open up a menu with additional options. Select navigation and you will now have a back/forward arrow in this section to use for quick navigation.
  • lightroom grid view3

  • Use the breadcrumbs to navigate A really quick and useful way to navigate if you have lots of folders of images is to use the breadcrumbs and create a favorite list of your most visited folders. The breadcrumbs are at the very bottom of the library view right above the strip of images at the bottom. If you click on the small arrow to the side of the file name you will see the most recent folders you have viewed and have the ability to add this current folder to a favorites list.
  • lightroom grid view tips and tricks

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    1. Several great tips here. Thanks so much for your time and effort!

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