The Photo Guide iPhone App Review

The Photo Guide iPhone App Review

The Photo Guide is a iPhone app for the beginning photographer, that explains many key photo terms and gives how to’s for shooting certain types of images. The app is broken down into 4 sections:

  • Photo hints
  • iPhone hints
  • HowTos
  • Photo Quiz
  • The photo hints section isn’t really hints but more of some useful tips and explanations, it covers articles like What is depth of field?, Using a polarizing filter and many other key photography terms. Each article gives you a good amount of information in a easy to read and understand way along with some images to illustrate what they are trying to say.

    photo guide iphone app

    iPhone hints does the same thing but for the iPhone, there are some tips and general how to guides like how to zoom, taking pictures in backlit situations, getting the correct exposure and other tips. To me this really isn’t needed in a photography app. I would cut this from the app and make it all about DSLR photography and have a new app that is only focused on iPhone. To me it seems like 2 separate apps and users looking for information.

    The How To’s section is one of the most useful parts of the app. There are 36 different walk throughs here showing you how to achieve certain results. These give you a walk through on how certain images were created and cover lots of different types of photography. My only criticism is that some of the walk throughs are pretty random, for example model card on the mountain, motocross, tractor tire. Even though they are random reading through them does give you food for thought and can help out with different types of photos you are trying to create. They all provide you with a view of technical specs on how the image was captured and then provide a walk through on how and why certain settings were used to get the final effect.

    photo guide iphone app2

    photo guide iphone app3

    The photo quiz is actually pretty cool and gives you 325 questions about cameras and photography. Again most of these are geared towards the new photographer but also does hone your technical skills and is a good lesson for anyone to review certain key terms. It will keep you busy for awhile and is a great review tool to make sure you really get some of the key terms.

    My main criticism of the app is the flow. There isn’t a nice flow like a book would read from start to finish, it feels like the topics are more randomly put together. But since there is a lot of information in here with some useful diagrams and good images to drive home the points I would give this a 3 out of 5. If you are just getting started in photography and need to get some starting information out then this app would definitely help you out.

    You can get the app in the Apple App store here. The app is currently priced at $3.99.

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