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Many of you know Trey Ratcliff as the master of HDR photography. His website stuck in customs has been one of the leading sources of HDR photography over the past few years and Trey really has emerged as a leader and educator in the world of HDR. If you missed some questions he answered for you in a video interview check it out here: Photographers Spotlight Trey Ratcliff. He also has been involved in technology, creating a iPhone photography filter app awhile back and now is out with a really awesome brand new app for the iPad called Stuck on Earth. From the very front splash page of the app this is a beautifully designed app that can help inspire us all with some great images. Here is a little more info about the app.

stuck on earth ipad app

When you first launch the app it will have you enter your name and asks you if you are a Daydreamer, Explorer, Photographer or all three. After you make a selection it will take you to a map of the world with pins where images have been photographed at. Just start scrolling around the map and pinching to zoom in on any area. When you find an area that looks interesting just click on the preview icon on the map to view that image full screen.

stuck on earth ipad app2

From here there are lots of cool things you can do. You will have other images in nearby locations that show as a thumbnail view below the main image so it makes it easy to flip through other similar photos. You can also expand the right side of the image to reveal more information from the photographer about the photo as well as a map of where the image was taken. Next to the photographers name there is a Follow button which will allow you to favorite the photographer and later on filter their images to view. You can also share the image on Twitter, Facebook or Email or add the image to a Trip. Trips are basically a collection of images you tag and group together to create your own album. This goes along with the whole theme of exploring the earth there are a few preset Trips you can add images to (Adventure in France, Someday… and Places I’ve seen). Having a theme on adventure really makes the app much more fun to use and is a nice touch.

stuck on earth ipad app3

When you are browsing the maps looking for photos you can click on the button at the very bottom center to bring up a way to filter the images that are shown. Here you can filter by Featured Photos, Top 50 lists, Community Photos, photos from people you are following or My Trips. It’s a pretty useful way to filter down the images that you see on the map.

stuck on earth ipad app5

You can also click on the home icon near the top left of the map to go to a useful homepage with other ways to navigate and explore.

stuck on earth ipad app4

Here are some of the other ways to explore the world in photos.
From the main home screen click on the Explore Spots Near You to search for photos that are close by your location.

Also from the homepage you will have a button for the saved trips that you have created. This makes it easy to bring up some of your favorite images to revisit. Another one of the best features of the app is the featured lists from the bottom of the homepage. There are many different top 50 lists that are curated lists from photographers all over the world. This gives you a great way to explore different themes like the to 50 photos of caves or the top 50 waterfalls on Earth. Some really breathtaking imagery in here.

After playing around with this app for awhile tonight I definitely recommend it. The images are amazing and presented in a clean way. This will keep you interested for hours and be a nice source of inspiration. The best part about it is that it’s free right now also, so download it through iTunes here:

Stuck On Earth - Stuck In Customs

Also if you love Trey’s work, he has a cool collection of his HDR photography available as wallpaper.

iPad wallpaper trey rat cliff

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What do you think about the Stuck on Earth iPad app? Let me know in the comments below…

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