Snapseed for iPad app review

Snapseed iPad app review

One of the most popular type of iPhone apps for photography has always been camera apps where you can apply certain filters to your images. There are tons of very popular apps for the iPhone like Hipstamatic, Instagram, Camera + and the list goes on and on. Lately I have been starting to see many iPad apps that also fit this genre. There still isn’t breakout app that gives you the power to edit on a professional level but some of these apps do give you the ability to apply some cool filters and have a little fun with your images.

One of the latest apps that I have come across is Snapseed from Nik Software. Most of you probably recognize the name Nik Software as they make some of the best plug-ins for Adobe Photogshop like Nik Color Effects Pro as well as others.

The app is basically split into 2 parts; The first section of tools gives you some basic image adjustments while the second gives you some creative filters.

The main image adjustment section gives you 5 tools to work with:

  • Auto Correct
  • Selective Adjust
  • Tune Image
  • Straighten and Rotate
  • Crop
  • Before I get into what these will do one really strong part about the app is the controls and how they really do take advantage of the touch screen on the iPad unlike most other apps. Each tool has a subset of tools and they can be easily accessed by swiping your fingers up and down on the screen. Then after you select the tool you swipe left and right to adjust the strength of that tool. For example in the tune image section swipe up and down to select actions like Brightness, Ambiance, Contrast, Saturation and White Balance. Then you can swipe left and right to adjust the image. It’s really a intuitive way to quickly select a tool and then adjust and once you get used to it a great way to work.

    photography ipad app snapseed

    These tools are all fairly straight forward and don’t do anything that you haven’t seen before. One of the coolest options though is the selective adjust tool. This gives you the ability to add as many local adjustment points to the image for brightness, contrast or saturation adjustments. With this you can dodge and burn different parts of the photo and is very useful. Simply add a point to the photo, pinch to make the area larger or smaller and then swipe left/right to make that part of the image darker/lighter. Its too bad you can’t use this tool for more things like to soften/sharpen certain parts of the image but its still great for local dodging and burning or adding contrast or saturation to a certain part of your image.

    snapseed ipad app1

    ipad photo app reviews

    The second part of this photography iPad app gives you 6 main types of styles. These are just like presets for lightroom where you can quickly apply a filter to your image and do have some nice effects.

  • Black & White
  • Vintage Films
  • Drama
  • Grunge
  • Center Focus
  • Organic Frames
  • snapseed app

    Within each one of these sets of styles you can still swipe your fingers up and down to access a subset of menus. For example in the Black & White section you can adjust Brightness, Contrast and Grain in the image. You can then swipe left/right to decrease/increase the effect.

    snapseed ipadapp

    Each style also has a subset of many different types of filters. So in the vintage filter you have 9 different types of vintage styles to apply. You can also apply a texture to the image by tapping the texture button although I do wish you had more control over textures like the ability to apply it to only certain parts of the image or some opacity controls over the texture. Right now it just applies the texture to the entire image.

    Overall its one of the best “photo filter” type apps out there for the iPad since it also has some basic editing features as well as some cool effects. If you are looking for something to be able to do quick edits on your iPad and have some fun with photos you have stored there I would check this one out.

    You can get the app in iTunes here: Snapseed for iPad app

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