Snapheal v2.1 application review

MacPhun who makes some pretty interesting Mac and iOS apps just came out with a new update to their image editing app Snapheal and I thought it was the perfect time to give it a try. We all want to create the perfect photo but many times there are little details that can distract from an image. With Snapheal you can very quickly perform actions like erasing wires from the perfect cityscape, getting rid of disturbing skin spots, restore old analog snap or uncover the hidden beauty of your new shots quickly and headache-free.

Here is a quick run through of the app along with some additional info and a link to a special they are having.

First you get started by simply dragging and dropping your image into the app to load it. You can work with just about any image formats including RAW images. In this image I wanted to remove the railings along the stairwell which were distracting me.

You can select the area to erase by using a painbrush and painting on a mask or using a Polygonal or free lasso. When you are painting on it shows you a red mask and you can use the zoom controls at the top of the screen to get as close as you need so you can get a better selection. The better selection you make the more accurate the healing job will be. As you are painting in the area to remove you can change the diameter of the brush or if you make a mistake and paint a little too much, change over to the eraser tool to erase any part of the selection.

snapheal version 2.1 update

Once you have the selection done just click on the Erase! button and wait a second for it to magically remove the area and blend everything in. There are also 3 types of Erasing modes which do make a very big difference. For this example I used the wormhole erase mode.

Twister – They recommend to use this option when removing multiple objects and things in a sky.
Shapshift – This is recommended when removing large objects.
Wormhole – They suggest this option when removing small objects.

All done in just a matter of a minute. Once you finish the edits you can use the before and after mode at the top to get a split screen view of the start and end of the image to compare and when saving a nice feature is you can share the image to Facebook, Twitter and a few other social services.

There are some other quick and easy adjustments you can make with the app like retouching blemishes on skin or some simple image adjustments. It’s no Photoshop thats for sure but they aren’t trying to be the everything app that Photoshop is. I think this app fills a nice niche and for a quick edit the app is very responsive, does a great job and is only $10 right now. For the price you really can’t beat it!

Some of the other things you can do with Snapheal include over 20 easy to learn photo editing tools:

• Erasing tool with smart brush and lasso
• Clone & stamp
• Light levels control
• Sharpen and noise reduction
• Highlights and shadows
• Saturation, gamma, contrast, hues, exposure
• Clarity and color temperature
• Crop, rotate, flip and a lot more

Some additional information about the app:

• Support of practically all image formats, including RAW
• Resolution support up to 32 megapixels
• Intuitive user interface
• Gestures support: Two-finger scroll; Pinch to zoom
• Import from Aperture and iPhoto
• Export “snaphealed” images to Aperture and iPhoto
• Share photos via Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, E-mail

Available on Mac App Store

New version. Holiday price $9.99 (50% OFF)

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