Showing additional options in the Grid view in Lightroom

Lightroom has some many little hidden sections that you might not be aware of. Today I want to chat about the options you can view within the grid view. When you are in the Library module and viewing your photos in the grid view there are lots of little hidden things you can choose to show or not. Today I’ll to walk through some of these views and show you all how to toggle them on and off.

Some of you might prefer to have all of these options turned off and have a clean view when you are in the grid view. Before we get started here is a comparison so you can see what the view looks like with no options showing and with the expanded options shown.

Lightroom Grid view with no options showing:
Lightroom Grid View options2

Lightroom Grid view with the expanded options showing:

Lightroom Grid View options

There are 3 different grid view styles you can have:

  • No style (the first screenshot above)
  • A compact view
  • An expanded view
  • If you want to quickly cycle through the different views just click the J key on your keyboard and you can cycle through the 3 different options. There is a lot you can do to customize the views also so lets dive into that.

    To customize these views click on the View –> View Options menu (or click Command-J).
    The first item you will see here in the menu is the ability to toggle between the compact and expanded views.

    Lightroom Grid View options3

    Next you will be able to set a few overall settings.

    Show clickable items on mouseover only – When you hover over a thumbnail there are a few additional settings that appear. Check out what these options are here:
    Lightroom Grid View options4 copy

    Tint grid cells with label colors – If you have this turned on and have a color label set for an image this will show the color on the border around the image. You can see this in the first screenshot in this article where the one image on the left had a red label.

    Show image info tooltips – If you want the Lightroom help tips to come up when you hover your mouse over something keep this checked.

    The next section for Cell Icons is where you can adjust what is shown if you have the Show clickable items on mouseover only option above selected.

    After this you can customize what will show in the grid view for the compact view or the expanded view.
    On the expanded view you can have 4 different things show in the header area. I prefer to show the expanded view since I like to see a lot of data while I’m working but it really is personal preference. All you have to do is select the options you want to show from the 4 drop down menus. In this example I am showing the Index number on the top left, the cropped photo dimensions on the bottom left, the file name on the top right and finally the F-Stop on the bottom right.

    Lightroom Grid View options5

    Now that you know some of the options you can customize go ahead and give it a try. Take some time to try out a few different customizations and see what works best for you. As always leave any questions below in the comments and lets chat. I hope this was helpful and appreciate you sharing with any of your photos friends on social media.

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