Setting the Slideshow Background in Lightroom

This is the last part in our little series of creating slideshows in Lightroom. If you missed the first two, check them out here: Creating Slideshows in Adobe Lightroom and Adding Overlays To Slideshows In Lightroom. Today i’ll take a look at setting the slideshow background in Lightroom.

With slideshows in Lightroom you have the ability to set either a background color or image for the slideshow. This background will be set for the entire show, unfortunately they don’t have a way yet to be able to have different backgrounds for different images.

To start lets head over to the Slideshow tab in Lightroom and scroll down to the Backdrop section on the right hand side. Lets start by creating a simple black to grey gradient as a background.

lightroom backdrop2

First check the Background Color checkbox on the right side and click on the color box to bring up a color selection tool. Select black to change the entire background to black.

Next check the Color Wash box and then click on the color box to open up the color selection tool. Choose a grey color here with the color picker.

The color that you choose as the color wash will be a gradient that appears over the background color. You can change the opacity here from 0 to 100 and also the angle of the gradient using the angle slider.

If you want to have a photo as the background instead of color just click on the Background Image button. Then drag any image from the filmstrip here and select the opacity of the image. Like I said at the start you can only have 1 background image for the entire slideshow so if you do use an image it should be generic enough to work with all of the images you are going to be showing in the slideshow.

lightroom slideshow

That’s it, the last piece in our series of how to create slideshows in Lightroom.
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