Sending Photos Through Email With Lightroom 4

One small addition to Lightroom 4 that is actually pretty nice and never got much attention is the new ways to share your images. Adobe has added some nice new ways to share your work without leaving Lightroom and a handy way is emailing through the Lightroom app. To do this you do first have to setup your email account in Lightroom. Once you have this setup its a breeze to email a client some photos without having to leave Lightroom at all. Here is a quick breakdown of how to get this done.

First click on File –> Email Photo to bring up the default email form. The first time you will have to enter in your email account information by clicking on the From dropdown and then selecting go to email account manager. This will allow you to enter in multiple email accounts that you can use to send from. Just enter your account credentials and click save to go back to the email screen.

From the main email screen you have the basics to construct an email. You have to To field, Cc and Bcc and can choose people from an address book. The address book is specific to Lightroom though and there is no import function so in my mind it’s kind of useless. I have a few thousand clients in my address book so don’t want to spend the time manually adding them in here. Hopefully an import feature will be coming later.

The body of the email can be formatted with some basic formatting options like Bold, Italic, lists as well as a few other options.

sending photos through lightroom via email

Once you are ready to send you can choose the size of the image at the very bottom. Lightroom gives you 3 default settings to send

Small – 300px long edge, low quality
Medium – 500px long edge, medium quality
Large – 800px long edge, high quality
Full size – Original size, very high quality

And you can also create your own custom presets to send any size that you need.

lightroom email3

Overall it gives you a nice and quick way to send an email out directly through Lightroom and will save time vs. exporting and then crafting an email.

I really wish they would have a email signature feature. I always want my full signature on every email to promote our Facebook page and other marketing items and hope Adobe can add that to a future release.

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Author: Mark

Mark is a fine art wedding and portrait photographer from Northern California. He has been passionate about photography since childhood and started his studio 12 years ago to bring a fresh style of photography to the wedding and portrait world.

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  1. When are the LR4 books hitting shelves?

  2. Not sure, although keep posted I am working on a intro to LR4 guide that i’ll let everyone know about here once its done 🙂

  3. I heard that doing it this way (vs. using your own client) will NOT save the email in a SENT folder. I haven’t yet installed LR4 (am waiting for the bugs to be addressed ) first in a patch or slipstream release so I’m curious, is this the case?

  4. It will save this in your email client sent folder as long as you are using a IMAP email (or gmail) will work just fine.


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