Review of the Westcott Photo Basics 304 5-in-1 Reflector Kit

Today I want to review a product I picked up awhile back, the Westcott Photo Basics 304 5-in-1 Reflector Kit. Reflectors are such amazing tools for portraits and it’s an essential part of my bag to have a few types of reflectors for any shoot. The Westcott 304 5-in-1 Reflector kit solves a big problem that I have many times with my small shoots. Normally for a small family portrait I photograph them all by myself and don’t bring an assistant. That can make things a little tricky when the need for a reflector comes up and many times I am propping a reflector up against a tree or holding one up with one arm while I have the camera in the other hand. The Westcott 304 kit solves that by including a reflector holding arm and light stand with the kit. Everything that is included with this is:

  • 5-in-1 Reflector (Diffusion Panel & Reversible Slip Cover with Four Sides: Silver, Gold, White and Black)
  • Reflector Holder Arm
  • 7.5′ Light Stand
  • westcott reflector review

    westcott reflector review

    The size of the reflector is big enough for any portrait work with 1 or 2 people but once you get into larger groups you would need something a little larger. With the kit you get a diffusion panel that gives you a 1 stop diffusion and a slip cover to get 4 different colors of light (really 3″ Silver, Gold and White plus black to block out light) Overall I was very pleased with the quality of light from the reflector. The reflectors and panels fold into a very small pack and travel very well. This won’t add much space into your gear and with the variety of colors is really versatile.

    The kit also includes a light stand that is lightweight and at the same time sturdy. There is a reflector holder that is quick and easy to setup and will let you position the reflector in just the right position. Without an assistant it only takes a minute to setup and will add some nice bounce light to your portraits. The only thing to remember is when you have this setup outdoors and have a little bit of wind it’s going to be falling right over. Best thing to do is bring a small sandbag to attach to the light stand to make sure it will be steady.

    I really like the versatile of this kit and it’s now a regular staple in my gear for any portrait shoot. I would recommend this to anyone in need of a reflector. If you have any questions on using a reflector just leave a comment below.

    You can get the kit on Amazon, it’s on sale right now for $99.

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