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Today I am taking a little break from the photo articles and reviews and wanted to cover a new Beta email client that I got my hands on yesterday. Mailbox was a breakout app on iOS last year and got a lot of coverage for their ability to “snooze” an email and put it off until a later time. I tried it out for awhile but then ended up back with the default mail client on iOS. Now they released a Beta version of the app for the Mac and I wanted to give it a spin. Email is a big part of everyone’s life now and also one of my biggest tech gripes, no matter how much innovation that has happened in tech email still remains very similar to how it was years ago.

First off the email application only will work with Gmail or Apple’s iCloud email. If you have email on your own domain using IMAP or any type of Exchange email you are out of luck, so it’s use is pretty limited right now. If you haven’t used Mailbox before the main concept is the app wants you to get to the elusive inbox zero. It try’s to help you achieve this by giving you 4 options when you are viewing your email so you can take an action on each email. I have to admit that I get so many emails it can be easy to leave the ones that aren’t the most important as unread and get to them later but sometimes later can keep getting pushed back farther and farther. So by taking action on each email and trying to get to that free feeling of having 0 emails in your inbox can be rewarding.

It helps you take action by using one of 4 actions: Move into a List, Read Later, Move to Archive or Move to Trash.

Moving to a list – Just like in the iOS app you can swipe to the left or right to get to these actions. If you click and Drag the message from the message list to the left all the way (a long drag) it will bring up a list of all your folders that you can file the email to. You can also click on the icon at the top with 3 bars to move the email to a list.


Mark an email to read later – This is one of the coolest parts about the app. If you click the read later icon (or do a short drag to the left) you can choose from many different “Snooze” options. I do find this very helpful as certain emails I like to respond to either in the morning or evening depending on the amount of time they will take to deal with.

mailbox app
Move to Archive – This one is pretty straightforward. If you are done reading an email and just want to archive it then click on the green checkmark.

Move to Trash – For emails to delete just click on the red X icon.

Overall if you liked the iOS app you will love the Desktop application. The performance of the app is very solid, quick with nice little animations and the design of the app is clean and well designed. I did enjoy using this mail app much more than most of the other mail apps I have tried out. It isn’t a crazy new way of handling email but the small tweaks of making you choose from 1 of 4 options does give you a sense or urgency to “Act” on your message and does help you get to that elusive inbox zero easier!

A few things that could be better though. First many times I would prefer to simply drag and drop the message over to a list instead of clicking on the List button and then choosing the list. Sometimes I do want to leave an email in my inbox unread and not snooze it, you can’t mark an image as unread which did slightly annoy me. Mainly it’s because I have to change my current flow and after awhile I did start to use the snooze feature more.

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