Retro Canvas DSLR Camera Bag Review

I got a bag sent in the other day from that was a pretty interesting small camera bag. Although I have to admit I am not the most stylish person or really just don’t put much focus on style I do have to start out by saying that I really did like the look of the bag. It’s a non discreet camera bag and has a retro style look and feel to it. It’s made out of a really thick cotton material and is a shoulder bag that can hold a camera plus a few lenses.


When you open the bag up there is a padded compartment to put a lens and a body. The padding is of good quality and here you can see I was able to fit a Canon 5d (with a 24-70 L lens attached) plus a 100mm macro lens in the padding section. The padding is on all 4 sides and bottom and is really easy to pull in and out of the bag.

retro camera bag review

That’s pretty much all I could fit on the inside of the main section of the bag. One nice addition would be to have a compartment on the inside top to put a few thin items like some CF cards or batteries. But there are plenty of other compartments so let’s jump into the outside of the bag now.

On the outside you have 2 pockets on the very top where you can fit some small items. It’s secured by velcro and gives enough room for a couple things like extra batteries. Then on the front you have 2 pockets which are actually a pretty decent size. As you can see in the image below I was able to fit a 3rd lens, a 50mm 1.4 Canon lens. In the other pocket I put my card holder. It was a tight fit for the lens and you don’t have padding so I wouldn’t recommend it if you are hard on your gear and bags like I am but if in a bind it will work.

retro canvas camera bag review

Finally on the back of the bag there is a small slit to put some additional thin items. I put a few sample mini portfolio books in mine since you never know when you need to share some of your work.


Overall I really like this bag. It gives you a good amount of space for a quick shoot and is very functional. After using it for a few weeks it’s still in great shape and the quality of it seems to be holding up well. If you are looking for a new bag I would definitely recommend checking it out, you can get it here Retro Green Canvas bag for £29.95 (or around $50 USD).

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