Removing unwanted collections when exporting a catalog in Lightroom 5

The other day we talked about “Exporting a catalog in Lightroom 5” and today I wanted to follow up with some info on how to remove unwanted collections that might come over along with your new catalog.

In this example i’ll export a collection I have called Weddings into a new catalog. I’m in the grid view in the Library module and you will see that the first photo has a little icon on the bottom right corner of the image. When you click on it this will show you that the photo happens to be in 2 collections. A few of the other images in this collection are also in multiple collections as well.

collections in lightroom 5

Keeping that in mind i’ll continue on with the steps we talked about in the earlier article and export this wedding collection as a brand new catalog. I clicked on File –> Export as catalog and saved this as a new catalog called Wedding Catalog.

export catalog

Now i’ll open up the new catalog and I would expect to see only the 1 collection that we had exported. However we see two other collections since some of the images in this exported collection were in multiple collections as well.

export collections in lightroom 5

To delete these extra collections that carried over all you have to do is right click on the collection name and choose choose delete. This won’t delete the photos contained in the collection just the collection from showing up in your list.

Quick and easy tip for today and I hope you learned something new about how Lightroom works. Hopefully Adobe is listening also and in the future only brings over the collection we export to make for a nice and smooth process, but in the meantime deleting any of these collections is easy.

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