Reduce Camera Blur Feature in Photoshop CC

One of the new features of Adobe Photoshop CC is a new camera blur reduction filter. Although we should always try and use a tripod or high enough shutter speed to avoid camera shake sometimes it’s not possible. For me shooting weddings I am on the run constantly and shooting very quick. Many times in a church ceremony I am hand holding the camera with a 70-200mm lens and shooting at 1/20th of a second. There might be a little camera shake and this new feature can come in pretty handy.

Lets dive into the feature and how it can be used on an image. This new feature is located in the Filter menu under Sharpen –> Shake Reduction.

To test this out I grabbed one of my favorite lenses for weddings the Canon 70-200 2.8 IS L lens. I use this all the time in churches but many times need to hand hold the camera and am shooting at very low shutter speeds which can cause some camera blur even when the IS is turned on.

When you enter the shake reduction tool you will first see a bounding box which is what Photoshop will use to estimate how to reduce the blur. You can move or change the size of this bounding box, so start by moving this box to be around the main area with the blur.

photoshop cc blur reduction

You can also set the size of the blur trace by moving the slider on the right hand side.
If you need to add another blur estimation region you can just by dragging a new bounding box anywhere on the screen. You can always see the blur estimation regions you have setup under the Advanced section on the right hand side.

Since this tool is basically a sharpening tool and just like any other sharpening tool will add noise and artifacts to the image Adobe gives us a few tools to help reduce this. Also on the right hand side you will see 2 more sliders, one for smoothing. This will smooth out some of the noise that was added in from the tool. As you move the slider it will render a new live preview and take a few seconds to load. You can also help to minimize any artifacts in the image by moving the slider for Artifact Surpression.

photoshop cc blur reduction2

Here is a quick before and after so you can see the effect the filter can have on your images. This image is right out of the camera without any exposure tweaks. Overall it’s a helpful feature and after spending a little bit of time with it does seem to do a good job. If you have used it and have any thoughts let me know in the comments below.



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