Reasons the Camera Doesn’t Make the Photographer

For many reasons, people often assume that the bigger the lens, or the beefier the camera, the better the photos. Having better equipment can yes, improve the quality of a photograph in some ways but not all. If you take a mediocre to begin with, of course there is Photoshop, but there’s no real way of improving the photograph with a shinier, fancier lens.

Knowing your equipment goes a long way. In the first year or two that I picked up a camera I had originally thought how great it would be to purchase a better portrait lens aside from my 17-50mm, or to buy a 2,000$ camera because it was more expensive than mine. I had expressed to a photographer friend that I wanted to start making money with photography and that I needed better equipment. The first thing he told me, was to thoroughly learn the equipment that I already had. For the next three years, I read photo books, listened and watched podcasts, and depended on Google to lead me to some good tutorials. Three years later, I was still using the same equipment with the addition of a 50mm, a flash with no manual controls, charged for services, and knew what equipment I needed to achieve the looks I wanted.

Mastering techniques, skills, and other knowledge about your equipment can drastically change your outlook on gear you thought you had needed or wanted. By learning what each piece of your equipment can do, you can very quickly narrow down your style, what you enjoy photographing, and what to look for in new equipment. Any camera can take and photo, but learn your gear, and learn from different sources and colleagues. Before you know it, you will be up and running and capturing compelling, and dramatic images.

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Author: Swan

I love photography, and everything that comes with it. I photograph weddings, portraits, families, animals, flowers- literally everything. I also love my subjects. Without my wonderful subjects, whether they are bride, groom, family, friend or animal I could not be happier. I love being able to share just one second in time with someone and being able to remember it with a photo.

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