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Time for another Q and A session from our readers. I love it when you send in questions on twitter and want to always answer your questions. That’s why this site exists to help each other be better photographers. Some of these were sent in awhile back so apologies for taking so long to get these answered, i’ll be faster in the future! Continue to tweet me questions!

First question from auramckay
Is there a way to display RGB values instead of % under the histogram in Develop module in Lightroom? 🙂
Unfortunately no, the RGB vales that we are used to in Photoshop and other programs are a 0-255 scale that is based on 8-bit files.
There are only 256 levels in each of the channels for an 8 bit file but 16 bit color has 65536 levels per channel. Because of this
Lightroom choose to use a 0.0 to 100.0 percentage scale, which with 0.1 accuracy gives use 1000 levels of color. If you did want to try and find a close
color in RGB values I did find a conversion chat that was created. This won’t be exact but should be close to the RGB values.

A question from INFOTOGRAPHER
How do you add watermark/logos on LR? in Batches
Check out post from yesterday that answers this 🙂 Lightroom 3 watermark feature

A question from DawnwlKhl27
I just started my biz part time in Aug. For me it’s just hard getting my name out there on such a small budget
Honestly this is the hardest part about starting your business but in today’s day and age there are many things available to you for Free! This is a pretty big topic and i’ll give you just a few quick pointers. First your work is the key, before getting your name out there go over all of your marketing material (business cards, portfolios, website, etc…) and make sure that everything has a consistent feel to it and also all of the images really match your style and the type of clients you are trying to attract. Know what defines you and your photography and be able to articulate that to people in a few quick minutes. Have a few things that set you apart from the rest of the crowd.

Once you have that all set you are ready to start to get the word out there. With little to no budget the best place to start is your family and friends. Make sure they all know what you are doing and again what sets you apart. Talk to them about your business as you would a potential client. Get them excited about what you are doing and make sure pass the word on to potential clients for you. Start to build a list of people in your circle of influence. Organize their names and contact info in a list. You want to reach out to these people at least on a quarterly basic with some type of communication. It can be a quick email newsletter to let them know of any new products you are offering or specials. There are a lot of companies that do email marketing with easy to use templates and most of them are free for small lists. I currently use and have been very happy with their service. Constantly reach out to those in your circle and provide them with information that not only sells your service but can be of use to them. Inform them of things in the photo industry that they will benefit from like how to dress for a portrait session. The more useful the newsletter compared to just about you the more they will continue to read it.

Also setup a facebook fan page and invite all of your friends to become a fan. Facebook is a huge way of reaching and keeping in constant connection with people. I add most of my clients to my Facebook page and are always continuing to work on our relationships. Your clients need constant care and nurturing just like any relationship. Keep working on taking the best care of them and keeping in contact with them and your business will start to grow.

Question from rkzphotography
at the start of my photog business, which canon camera is a good one to invest in?
Gear is the most commonly asked question I get asked. While I think the gear does not make the photographer at all for certain type of photography like weddings good gear can definitely help out. I wrote a post awhile back showcasing some of the gear we use for weddings. You can read it here: Wedding photography gear 101. Personally I am a big fan of full frame cameras and absolutely love my Canon 5d. It is the first digital camera I have used (since the 10d came out) and really loved the quality. The skin tones are beautiful and the depth of tones that you get with the full frame compared to a crop sensor is just so much better. It’s not really a starter camera and more expensive than the bottom of the line Canon’s but I believe worth every penny.

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Mark is a fine art wedding and portrait photographer from Northern California. He has been passionate about photography since childhood and started his studio 12 years ago to bring a fresh style of photography to the wedding and portrait world.

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