Quick Lightroom Tip – How to Visualize Spots

Today I wanted to cover a really quick but useful tip for Lightroom. Many times you might not realize that you have dust on your sensor and have a few really little spots in an image. If you have a big spot in the sky it’s really easy to find but some are a little smaller and can be hard to locate. Some of you might not know about the Visualize Spots tool that Lightroom has.

One note this tool is only available in Lightroom 5. First you will want to head on over to the spot removal tool and look at the very bottom of the image pane. Here you will see a checkbox for Visualize Spots. This tool will create a inverted Black and White image so you can very easily spot the spots! You can also use the slider next to the checkbox to change the intensity of this tool. Once you have located the spots you are already in the spot removal tool so can just start clicking away to remove all of the spots in the image.

visualize spots lightroom

I hope this was a helpful quick tip today. Remember if you ever have Lightroom or any other post production questions just leave me a comment below.

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