Portrait Photography Contest Winners

Thanks to everyone who entered out portrait photography contest last week. We had over 175 entries from all over the world and a great range of photography. With this contest we have 2 main winners, one a fan pick who got the most popular votes out there and one where we do a more formal print judging over here. For that it is always a hard decision and we wanted to highlight a few of the exceptional portraits. But first the fan favorite goes to… Who is Looking at Who? by Heinrich Koorts. We actually for the 1st time ever had an exact tie for 1st and had to toss a coin to break the tie. Congratulation Heinrich and Victoria for the tie. Here are the two finalists! We will email you your prize shortly.

For the winner of the shootsac camera bag… first I want to post some great runner up images all which are great examples of what makes a great portrait, good lighting, composition and telling a story about the person you are photographing.

And the main winner is Mario with the image titled “La Bureba, Burgos (Spain).” www.mperedaphotography.com. A very engaging portrait with good light and a really dynamic composition and tone. Congratulation Mario and thanks to all who entered! We have monthly photography contests so keep checking back.

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Author: Mark

Mark is a fine art wedding and portrait photographer from Northern California. He has been passionate about photography since childhood and started his studio 12 years ago to bring a fresh style of photography to the wedding and portrait world.

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  1. Hi….Just want to make my feeling heard. I don’t think its at all fair that you have decided the results in such a way. How do I know it wasn’t favouritism, that made you go with the other photo? I had received the 125 votes before “Who’s looking at who” (which was not even a portrait!)in any case. Yet you reached your decision, and neglect to even email me to let me know that this is how you would make a decision! I believe that you are biased, and that I was pushed aside for the fact that I’m in South Africa. I am a novice at photography, with very few resources, and yet this is the treatment you decide to impose! Thank you very much! I will be sure to mention this to everyone I know!Thank you for the recognition of my work! I will be sure never to enter anymore of your contests again!

  2. That really sucks! The fact that we are South African, makes them beleive that they can wipe their Asses with us! You guys should be ashamed of the way you went about this!

  3. We actually don’t know where the images come from so definitely no favoritism over here.

  4. Really, you telling us that you can’t say that she is south african by looking at her email address? .co.za?? In any case I’m sure she at least deserved to have her photo put up as one of the joint winners! As far as the prize is concerned..$100 givt voucher from the USA is not exactly going to help her over here! But Recognition would have beed nice!

  5. I would like to say thanks for the votes people. I also just want to say that I am also a South African so there is no neglecting going on here. A win is a win so let’s be good sportsman and move on. Thanks for this competition.

  6. The thing is Heinrich…You Actually didn’t really win now did you? Victoria’s Photo was always in the lead and even the system put her photo as first. Now I’m not sure if you South African or not..And thats irrelevant! The reason I’m so upset is that Victoria’s pic got no recognition whatsoever. Even though she came (joint)first!(At least a mention would have been nice).

  7. Or how about an apology??

  8. The other one should have won, the b/w one. IMO

    I also do not think there is discrimination here… They had to flip a coin… maybe the vote should have been extended longer instead?

    Hard to believe though that the losing photo was not part of the honorary list of 12 listed above, however the winning photo is..again. Weird.

  9. list of 9 sorry…lol

  10. Anxiously awaiting for your response on this Mark!

  11. As expected..No response from the powers that be! Why can’t you guys just admit that you stuffed up and apologize?

  12. Hi Erica,

    I had emailed you directly after your last comment since I didn’t want to post a negative reply in the comments where it really isn’t appropriate. I guess you didn’t get the reply, please check your spam filter to see if it was blocked. There was nothing biased with the winner, and like I said earlier the location of the entries is not captured. It was a tie and probably should have included the image that tied on this page also. I’ll add it in here sometime tomorrow to be fair.


  13. Funny that you should mention sportsmanship in your email to me..But regardless, its now the 15th and I still dont see an update on your site. As far as your response to your email is concerned, please check your mail..

  14. Her photo has been added.


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