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One certain type of app for my iPad that I have tried a few different apps out for is a great way to display my portfolio on my iPad. Ever since the first iPad was released one huge benefit I saw to the iPad was a really cool way to show my images to new clients. Its a great tool to showcase your work and now with the amazing retina display on the new iPad its an amazing way to really wow people. I reviewed the Portfolio for iPad app awhile back, and today I want to talk about a new app that has just been released called Portfolio Pro.

First of all the app is very straightforward and easy to setup which I do like. portfolio pro ipad appIt has 2 main sections, the cover slideshow and then a list of galleries. The cover slideshow is similar to Flipboard if you are familiar with that app. It gives you an area at the top left corner to add some text and your logo and then has your images playing as a slideshow to fill the rest of the screen. Simply swipe from the right of the screen to flip open the app and arrive at your galleries.

Setting up the cover slideshow and the galleries is pretty straightforward. Any time you can triple tap to switch between the client view of the app and the edit view. When in the edit view for your cover slideshow you can add your own logo and text however you will only see this option to edit it when you turn the device horizontal. At first I was working with the app in the vertical view and clicked around all settings to find where to add a logo and couldn’t find it. I actually almost gave up and then by accident flipped the screen and saw the ability then.

portfolio pro ipad app2

When in the edit view you will be able to add images or videos from your iPad, Flickr or Dropbox. Adding dropbox as a way to import your images is a nice touch and makes things easier compared to a few other portfolio apps I have tried out. Once you select the images to import you can also add a title and description to the photos and organize the order of the images. Another pretty nice feature is for any gallery or even individual photo within a gallery you can “Hide” the photo or gallery. You might have a gallery that you don’t want all clients to see from the main menu so can hide it from the admin screen and then easily show it when you need to by unhiding it.

portfolio pro ipad app3

The app also has a fair amount of customizations that you can make to various things like the overall theme of the app, colors and fonts. You can’t customize the transitions of the slideshows though which I really would like along with adding audio. The audio for me is a fairly big one, whenever I show my work I want to have the perfect song playing that will add to the emotional pull people get from viewing your work. The audio is all part of the experience and important to have with a slideshow. Hopefully they will add this in a new version.

portfolio pro ipad app4

One thing I would really like to see them add is more file formats to include in the app like PDF’s. After I show my portfolio to a client I like to also have my PDF pricing list that I can review with them and keeping everything in the same branded app would be very helpful. The app also isn’t as responsive as I would like to see, sometimes there is a small lag although on the good side I didn’t encounter any crashes or major bugs that kept me from using the app. Hopefully the next version will speed things up a bit.

Overall the Portfolio Pro app for the iPad is very quick and easy to setup, gives you some nice custom controls over your portfolio and with a few small updates that I mentioned above would be a perfect app. I would give the app a 3.5 out of 5 stars and am looking forward to what they create in the future. You can get Portfolio Pro for the iPad in iTunes here for $9.99.

Portfolio Pro for iPad - Brandable Photo and Video App - Nick Kuh

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Author: Mark

Mark is a fine art wedding and portrait photographer from Northern California. He has been passionate about photography since childhood and started his studio 12 years ago to bring a fresh style of photography to the wedding and portrait world.

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  1. Hi Mark

    As the Developer of Portfolio Pro I just wanted to say thanks very much to taking the time to review Portfolio Pro for iPad. A great, in-depth and extensive review!

    As you mentioned, Portfolio Pro is a brand new app so I was expecting there to be a few feature requests as more and more users download and start using the app. Some of the features you’ve requested are already high on my list: slide transition options and audio. These features are at the top of my to-do list so users of Portfolio Pro can expect to see these added in an update soon.

    I have a long-term commitment to making Portfolio Pro better and better so if any of your readers have feature requests or just want to know more about the app they can do so here:


    or get in touch here:


    Thanks again


  2. Thanks Nick, it’s a solid first release and looking forward to what you have in the future!

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