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One of the strongest benefits of the iPad in my opinion is its ability to be a very portable portfolio. You can now have hundreds of images and videos all within the beautiful display of the iPad. Built into the iPad you have the Photo app and the Video app that you can use to showcase your images however it’s not the most seamless way and isn’t branded with your brand identity. Since it’s always so important to make the best impression with new clients having a slick presentation is key. Thankfully there are some great options out there to display your portfolio.

Today I am going to review the Portfolio for iPad app. Also check out the bottom of the page for info on our giveaway!

portfolio ipad appHere are some of the highlights of the Portfolio for iPad app:

  • You can combine stills and video into your presentations
  • Brand your portfolio with your logo and color scheme
  • Can rate images to use for client review sessions
  • You can download the app in iTunes here: Portfolio for iPad

    The first thing you will want to do is customize the app and there are lots of different things you can do so that your branding will visible on all of the screens. You can customize things such as the background, thumbnail strip color, slideshow background and the gallery list background. They also give you the ability to show your logo nice and large on most of the menu pages. Here is the main menu page as the client would see it. I setup 4 different galleries one being a PDF of my wedding package pricing so I can go over my entire wedding consultation.

    portfolio for iPad

    Here is a view of the customize screen:

    portfolio for iPad customize

    portfolio for iPad customize options

    Once you have the color scheme and logos customized you will want to start creating new galleries and uploading images. There are 5 main ways you can upload images to the Portfolio for iPad app: from the iPad photo app, loading images to the app through iTunes, from a website URL, from Dropbox or though a separate app that the developer has created. Some methods are better than others but overall using the desktop app that the developer created was the quickest and easiest way that I found other than for large video. If you want to pull in photos that you already have in the photo app you can’t select all so have to do them one by one, which can be a pain for a large gallery.

    portfolio iPad app

    portfolio iPad app import options

    With their desktop app all you have to do is install it from their website and then can wirelessly import a entire folder of images into the app. This worked really well for me and I was able to quickly import about 200 photos into a wedding gallery and then another 50 into a portrait gallery. The only problem I ran into with this was with a movie file. I have a 7 minute demo of a fusion engagement session that I like to show people. I tried to size the file down a bit from 500MB to 200MB but still ran into problems. The only way I was able to get this file imported was to synch the smaller file though iTunes using the file sharing.

    Once you have your galleries setup you can customize them with their own playlist and set the time in between each image. Then simply press the play button to show your clients a slideshow. The transitions are just a simple cross dissolve which is clean and does the job.

    Using it for client viewing
    Another thing you can use this for although it is fairly limited is for client viewing. If you had a portrait shoot and are doing a sales presentation with your clients you can add a gallery with their images. Then when going through the photos with them tag the images they like on a 1-5 star scale. After you go through the entire set you can sort the view by a minimum star scale. You can also include notes about each image. Here in the studio I use Pro Select to show images, which has many great features that this can’t compete with but it still is a nice little add on to an app that is much, much cheaper than Pro Select is.

    iportfiolio for iPad client viewing

    Portfolio for iPad client viewing

    Another cool little feature is you can compare 2 images side by side. Just tap one photo in the thumbnail view and then double tap on a second photo to view both side by side.

    Overall this app gives you some nice features compared to just using the built in photo viewer. It gives your clients a great experience by including your branding. There were some bugs and crashes that I did experience however, the speed of the app was very good and responsive I just hope the developers will fix some of the bugs that caused a crash.

    The app is priced at $14.99 which I know some people see as high for an iPad app. However if you really think about it $15 bucks is still pretty cheap for a piece of software and if it can be a value to your business then it really isn’t that much at all. If you are looking for a clean way to showcase your images I would defiantly recommend downloading the Portfolio for iPad app.

    We also have a few codes that we are going to giveaway! To enter just leave a comment using our facebook comment feature at the bottom of this page. On monday we will randomly pick a few winners for a free copy of the app.

    You can download the app in iTunes here: Portfolio for iPad

    Let us know your thoughts below, I would love to hear what you have to say about presenting images on your iPad.

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    Author: Mark

    Mark is a fine art wedding and portrait photographer from Northern California. He has been passionate about photography since childhood and started his studio 12 years ago to bring a fresh style of photography to the wedding and portrait world.

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    1. Looks like a nice app, reasonably priced, too!

    2. Looks like a pretty cool app – crossing fingers!

    3. Looks great. But looking at reviews it seems there’s a glitch after last update

    4. Looks like an awesome app! I’d love to give it a try….

    5. Pretty cool app! This would be a great add for the iPad! Thanks for setting this up.

    6. I have been looking for an app like this. Thanks for the review.

    7. I have some summer art fairs coming up, and I’d like very much to try something like this. I bought my iPad in order to hopefully show the visitors to my booth my expanded line of offerings. Because I can’t possibly keep as much inventory on hand as the number of images I capture, this sounds like a good solution. I’d love to give a review/feedback if I get chosen for a chance to try it!

    8. Thanks for the review, looking into options now to handle this feature on the iPad.

    9. Great review… Sounds like a great product! Hope I win 🙂

    10. Really nice application. It would be helpful to organise my work and look more professional.

    11. Thanks for reviewing this app! I was looking for something like pro select that I can use on my ipad because I can’t afford pro-select and I also like the convenience of using my ipad rather than a laptop. But I haven’t found anything that is just like pro-select. But this might do the trick for a lot cheaper!

    12. Great review for this app. Still looking around for a portfolio application, but from the reviews I’ve seen, I may have just found it. The joys of being a starving photographer… gotta wait till the next shoot to get the app.

    13. Does this app support PDFs or only images and videos?

    14. Yes, you can have PDF’s. I use this to show my pricing PDF and it works great!


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