Pixelmator releases iPhone app

The Pixelmator iPhone app is now live on the app store! I’ll do a full review of the app shortly, here is a quick overview of what it can do. From Pixelmator:

Pixelmator for iPhone is an incredibly powerful photo editor. It lets you enhance image colors with pre-designed color adjustment presets. Tweak them even further with powerful color adjustment tools like Levels, Curves and more. Add breathtaking effects. Wipe away unwanted objects. Reshape areas of an image. Clone, blur, sharpen, desaturate, and do so much more.

For image editing it looks like there is lots of control we will have. The app includes Layers, Blending Modes, Shapes, Text and Selecting Tools. You can also edit Photoshop native files and even save files in a Photoshop format.


Besides the photo editing abilities Pixelmator also has a lot of painting features,
You can watch a quick video overview here:

Pixelmator for iPhone Overview from Pixelmator Team on Vimeo.

Check it out on the App store below. A full review will be coming soon so stay tuned!

Also if you have the desktop version of the app and want to learn more about it check out my book on Amazon:

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