Photographing Rain

Photographing Rain

There’s a very different feel to every element in an image especially when it comes to rain. Rain tends to add a more dramatic feel to images and brings out more emotion in a photo, giving it a stronger impact. An image with a single raindrop can show these emotions as easily as you might feel happy, sad, lonely, and more on a rainy day.

The first step to capturing an image of rain is to protect your camera. Whether your camera is merely a point-and-shoot or a DSLR, no camera will enjoy getting wet. There are plenty of waterproof/resistant cases for different cameras, but a clear plastic bag can work just fine. Second, keep yourself protected by avoiding hazards such as floods and lightning.

Get creative. One of the best parts about taking photos in the rain are the different textures you can find in flowers, reflections, glass, wood, and the many different ways you can capture colors.
As for taking the first photo, keep in mind that although long shutter speeds can add a cool effect to a photograph, shorter shutter speeds can stop raindrops right in their tracks.

Winter Gem

Cuba Gallery: Water / droplets / rain drops / window / background / texture / photography

~ Refractions of Rain ~


You can also freeze the rain not only by increasing your shutter speed but with flash. Check out our review of how this shot was created here: Using off camera lighting


Remember sometimes to wait until after the rain stops and look for what remains. Sometimes puddles and other leftovers from the rain can make a great photo subject. Reflections in a puddle or a raindrop itself can give you lots of inspiration for creative shots.

Calm after the Storm


One of the last things you should do after you’ve taken your photographs and are safe inside is to dry your gear. Condensation likes to make its way onto your lenses and rust has been known to occur as well. To be safe, dry everything off with a towel incase any water droplets might have made way into your gear.

Lastly, enjoy taking your photographs!

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  1. That first image is remarkable. Thanks for sharing the thoughts! I really need to get out more when it’s raining and stop being so fair weather.

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