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I “met” this weeks photographers spotlight like I have met a lot of recent photographers lately online through a forum (my online host for events, pictage has a forum where there is a collection of many great photographers). The main thing that really stuck out about his work from the start was how real the work felt. There was a very fresh feel to the work and his images made me feel like I was there at the wedding experiencing the moments right along the bride and groom. I hope you all enjoy learning a little about Kevin and seeing some of his work below:

Kevin Trimmer Photography

Who are you …
I am extremely passionate in everything I do and enjoy life, color, emotion and exploration.

the reason I love what I do ….
I really love what I do because I get to meet some amazing people and document important moments in their life. It is such a great honor and thrill for me to tell a story with my camera.

who do you get your inspiration from …
I feel that I get my inspiration from life around me. My friends, family, loved ones, the outdoors, my clients – I feel each and everyone of them contribute in a way to what I do and who I am.

your photography specialty …
My main specialty is wedding and event photography – really focusing on the moments and emotion that happen throughout the day/event. On the side I also enjoy travel photography and editorial/commercial assignments.

who is your photo idol(s) …
There are so many amazing photographers out there – I am in constant awe of the work I come across. I’m relatively new but when I started shooting weddings, I really followed [and still do] Joe Buissink, Dennis Reggie and Ben Chrisman.

favorite photography product …
I like to keep it simple gear-wise but I’ve been really into my 16-35mm 2.8 lens lately. I love being able to capture a great wide view in a small room; plus its super fast and nice and sharp!

favorite movie …
Its funny, I haven’t seen many movies but of the ones that I have seen I like Apocalypse Now, The Ghostbusters and Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.

last rental you watched …
I can’t remember the last movie I rented though I did watch Groundhog Day on TV recently. Hilarious!

where can you be found on days off …
On off days I can be found in the park playing frisbee, grabbing a burrito or going on a nice long hike in the woods.

what superhero would you be …
I would have to go with Superman – can fly and is pretty much invincible – can’t beat that!

if I am typically craving something it is ….
New York style pizza pie, Hot and Sour soup and a trip somewhere. Combine all 3 and that would be amazing!

what is your most fav photo you have recently taken …
One of my favorite phototgraphs from 2009 was from a wedding I photographed in New York City. After grabbing some group pictures on a dock we happened to stumble upon the red wall, took a couple quick frames and made our way back to the reception site. The thing I love most about this image is the amazing moment between the couple; it is so real, genuine and truly them.

Check out some of his images here:

photographers spotlight digital photo buzz
photographers spotlight kevin trimmer
photographers spotlight digital photo buzz
photographers spotlight digital photo buzz
photographers spotlight digital photo buzz
photographers spotlight kevin trimmer photography

View more of Kevin’s work at his website below or blog:

New wedding photography website!!!

Kevin Trimmer Photography

Photography blog

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Mark is a fine art wedding and portrait photographer from Northern California. He has been passionate about photography since childhood and started his studio 12 years ago to bring a fresh style of photography to the wedding and portrait world.

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