Photographers Assistant iPhone app version 2.0 released

If you are like me and have way too many tasks to do for each shoot (backup, edit, call/email clients, album reviews….) it can be a lot to keep track of. That’s where Photographer’s Assistant iPhone app comes in handy. It’s a really easy way to setup workflows for different types of shoots you have. Once you book a shoot all you have to do is enter a name for the shoot, start date and click enter and the app will automatically populate your calendar (either your iPhone calendar or Google calendar) with the tasks that need to be done.

Here is part of the press release from AppEzzy:

Photographer’s Assistant was created to help Photographer’s keep organized and focused on what needs to be done for every client. This is a quick and easy way to create a series of tasks from any client project that will import to your calendar. With just a few taps on your iPhone, it will create a series of predefined events on your calendar. Simply create a new project, pick your workflow and start date. The app will do the rest and populate your calendar with all of the necessary events that you need to finish the job! It’s a great way to stay organized and each project can be customized to fit that specific clients needs. Photographer’s Assistant is simple to use yet powerful.

It’s pretty quick to get going. You start by adding a new project with the + button on the top left. This gives you the ability to name the project, set a start date and choose a template. For this example I picked the wedding template. The app will auto fill all the tasks that need to be done and if a certain task doesn’t apply to this particular wedding you can swipe to delete before saving the project. All of the templates can also be customized in the settings menu or you can add your own templates.

Photographers Assistant iPhone app

Once you save the project it will populate your iPhone calendar with all of the tasks that you have to do on the appropriate days (or for gmail users save to your gmail calendar). For me it’s helpful to have tasks show up on my calendar to help schedule my day and make sure stuff gets done.

From the main screen you can view a list of your current projects and tap into any to edit them. This is helpful if something changes and you just need to delete a task from a project. Swipe across any of the tasks to delete them and the app will prompt you if you also want to delete them from your calendar or just the app.

PHotographer's assistant iphone app2

The main new addition to this app update is a new To-Do list. When you go into the settings there is a new button called Upcoming Tasks. This will show you a To-Do list that is broken down by 4 lists: Overdue items, tasks due today, tasks due late and completed tasks. You can use this as your working list of To-Do’s and check off tasks as you complete them. It’s a useful way to get a quick glimpse on what you need to do.

Photography assistant iphone app

The app is on sale right now for $1.99 and can be downloaded with the link below.

Photographers Assistant iphone app

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