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As the new year starts there is always buzz about doing a “365 project”. For those of you who don’t know what a 365 project is it basically is taking one photo every day. There are lots of different people that do 365 projects and many times they are focused around a theme, a self portrait 365, a daily photo of strangers, daily photos of food, etc… It’s always a great way to force yourself to get out and shoot something. I have always wanted to do a 365 project but just never really carved out the time to focus on it. Even just a quick image a day still takes a good amount of time and when things get busy with weddings it’s always hard for me to focus on personal work.

This year I am going to finally do a 365 project and found a pretty nice app to help keep me organized along the way. Photo 365 is an iPhone app that you can use to attach your daily photos to a calendar. There are obvious limitations to using an iPhone app for your photo 365 project, mainly that you have to first get the photo to your iPhone in order to use the photo for that days photo. But that can be done pretty quickly if you use iCloud and the Photo Stream or if you do a 365 like I am doing this year that is going to be all taken on my iPhone.

Here is a quick review of how the app works. When you start up the app it will take you right to a calendar. Simply click on the date and then either take a photo with your iPhone camera or choose a photo from your iPhone camera roll. This will add the photo right to the calendar for the day you are on and populate the date with a thumbnail of that image.

photo 365 app

Once you have your photo or multiple photos saved into the calendar you can also add notes for any of the photos. This is a pretty handy feature and great to write down a quick idea or comment about the image.

photo 365 iphone app

Another nice feature is you can set the app to give you a daily reminder. This way there is no excuse for missing one of the 365 days to take a photo.

photo 365 iphone photography app

A few things I would like to see in the app. One main thing I always want in a great iPhone app is quick and easy way to share. After you add a photo to a day you can very easily share the calendar image with anyone by clicking on one of the social buttons at the bottom. This is great, but when sharing the photo of your calendar it’s hard to really see that much of the images. I would like to share the individual images and to do that you have to tap into the day, then tap into the photo itself and then tap a share icon to share on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr or Email. I think this could be streamlined to be a little easier.

It would also be cool to be able to pull images from other sources like Facebook or Flickr directly. That way you could populate your calendar with images from multiple sources to really get a full story of your year.

Overall it’s a really easy to use app and has a nice, clean design. I would rate this a 3.5 out of 5 stars and do recommend it for anyone looking for a good photo 365 app on your iPhone. Hopefully it will help to keep me on track for a photo 365 this year. I’ll post some of the images to our Facebook wall and Twitter account so follow me to keep updated.

You can pick up the app in the app store for only $.99 here: Photo 365 - Remember Your Year One Photo at a Time - Benny Hsu

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