New Oil Paint Filter in Photoshop CS6

One of the new additions to Photoshop CS6 that didn’t get much attention at the start was the new Oil Paint Filter. Most photographers I know who do digital painting effects to their images have always used Painter and it looks like adobe is trying to keep as many people within Photoshop as possible. This new effect gives you much more control over just the normal old artistic effects and you can actually make a pretty cool looking oil paint effect. So lets dive into exactly what this new filter can do.

First it’s located in the main Filter menu and called appropriately Oil Paint. When you open the filter up it will give you some options on the right panel to make brush adjustments and lighting adjustments. Here is a quick walk through on these settings:

Photoshop CS6 oil paint effect

Stylization – The brush stylization slider will allow you control the style of the brush. With the slider set to the far left you will have smaller, harder brush strokes while moving it to the right will give you long and flowing brush strokes. See an example below.

Cleanliness – This will allow you to set how detailed the brush is going to be. Setting it to 0 will give you a very detailed clean brush while setting it to 10 will give you a soft and really painterly brush style.

Scale – The scale will let you set the thickness/thinness of your brush stoke. Setting it to 0 will give you a think brush while 10 a thick brush stroke.

Bristle Detail – This will let us control the overall detail. If you move the slider to 0 it gives you a very soft look where you can’t really see any of the brush strokes. Setting it to to you will see all of the details in the brush strokes.

Angular Direction – This simply controls the direction of the light on the canvas.

Shine – The shine will really control the contrast of the light and way it reflects off the page. If you set the shine to 0 it will remove all brush stroke detail and give you a very matte painting look, but with it set to 10 there will be a lot of shadow and depth to the brush strokes.

Here are a few examples of the different sliders. The left side of the image is setting the slider to 0 and the right side setting it all the way to 10. First here is the original image:

Photoshop CS6 oil paint effect2

A look at the Stylization Slider

Photoshop CS6 oil paint style compare

The Scale Slider Settings

Photoshop CS6 oil paint scale compare

The Shine Slider Settings

Photoshop CS6 oil paint shine compare

There is a lot you can do with this new effect and here are a few quick samples of how different you can make the painting look. Now it’s time for you to get creative 🙂 Lets see what everyone can create, fire up the new Oil Paint Filter in Photoshop CS6 and post a sample in the comments below or on our Facebook page at: Also if you haven’t downloaded the Photoshop CS6 beta yet, read about some of the highlights and get the download link here: Adobe Photoshop CS6 Beta Info. I also have a lot more CS6 articles coming soon so make sure to sign up for our newsletter so you don’t miss a beat.

Photoshop CS6 oil paint4-1

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