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What gear do I really need is a question that I get asked all the time. Although great photography is really all about the eye more than anything the gear does play a role in the grand scheme of things. If you want to look inside my main photo bag check out this past article What’s in my photo bag.

Just the other day Digital Photography School released a new ebook called Photo Nuts and Gear which is a 75 page ebook that covers everything from accessing your needs to diving into details on Camera bodies, lenses, tripods, flashes and much more. If you are just getting into photography this book covers some basics that you should know before putting down some money on your gear. Here is a little info from the publisher:

This eBook helps take the mystery out of ensuring you have the perfect photography gear for your needs: from cameras through to lenses, tripods, filters and bags.

Making smart choices not only will save you money, it will ensure you’re using the perfect gear to help you reach your full potential as a photographer.

Overall there is some great info for newer photographers and the book does cover all aspects of photo gear including accessories and camera bags. I felt that the section on camera types and lenses was really basic. If you know the in’s and out’s of a camera this information is basic. For me since I have 15 years of experience in photography the details about lens choices was what I learned in photo 101 in college. Again if you are just starting out this might be helpful into but for many this information you might gloss over quick.

I did feel that the tripod section was very through and covered a lot of things like different tripod heads and key things to look for in a tripod. There are lots of good references images in the book that give you good clarity about what the writer is talking about.

The end of the book gives you some nice case studies and this was one of the best parts of the book I felt. It has questions from people like “I’ve got a DS LR with an 18-55mm kit lens, and I want to get a good lens for portrait photography, what should I get?” with a well thought out response that really puts the pieces of the book they covered at the start into reality and helps to give real world answers to these types of questions. There are case studies for A telephoto lens, a flash and a camera bag.

Overall I thought the book covered a wide range of tools that we use on a daily basis. If you are just starting out in photography and don’t know what to buy as you build up your gear box then this book might give you some decent insights into gear. It’s on sale right now and is a good deal for the amount of content that you get.

For a limited time Photo Nuts and Gear is 33% off! Pick up a copy today for just $14.99. Just click on the image below

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