Moving your Lightroom Presets from one computer to another

Lightroom presets can be a nice starting point for your images and a question I came across recently was “how can I easily transfer my Lightroom presets from one computer to another”. So many of us now have a main working computer and a laptop and need to move our presets from one computer to another. Moving Lightroom presets are super easy and i’ll walk through the process in a quick step by step guide:

  1. First head on over to your preset list in the develop module and right click on a preset. This will open up a new menu with an option to Show In Finder. Click on this option.
  2. move presets lightroom

  3. A new window will open up showing you the location of this preset. For a mac normally this folder directory looks like this Users –> Library –> Application Support –> Adobe –> Lightroom –> Develop Preset –> (folder name of preset) -> preset file.

  4. Navigate back a folder to the Develop Preset folder and then select all.
  5. Click Copy to copy these files to your clipboard.
  6. Paste these presets to an external storage solution. For small files like this a cloud based storage solution is perfect and also serves as a backup for your presets if your hard drive ever crashes.
  7. Now at your other computer do the same thing as step 1. Go to the preset list and right click a preset to find the location presets are stored. Paste in all of the presets from the external source you were saving them on.
  8. Close Lightroom, reopen and DONE! All of your presets will now appear

Do you have a question about Lightroom? Getting stuck on trying to get a certain look with your images? Let me know in the comments below and i’ll create an article.

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