Lytro Cameras Now Available To Pre-Order

The Lytro camera, which is the first of a new type of Light field camera has announced the option to pre-order the cameras for their early 2012 launch date. I wrote about this camera when it was first introduced so if you haven’t heard about them yet check this out: A New Camera Is Coming You Won’t Have To Focus .

Details on the cameras are now out and it’s an interesting design. The camera is ultra simple and you can’t get more Point and shoot than this. It’s a simple 2×2 rectangular case built out of aluminum with a fixed f/2 lens and a 2″ LCD at the back. Since there is no adjusting of apertures or shutter speeds the only buttons on the camera are a power button, shutter and zoom. Really simple to use but also because of the simplicity has limitations. One limitation being the images are meant to be viewed on a computer or mobile device, if you wanted to print an image you loose the whole benefit of the camera. Also with printing the quality might be fairly sub-standard. Although they claim that the camera has HD quality it appears that its equivalent to a 2 megapixel sensor. Printing 4×6’s might be ok but over that the quality will start to suffer. Less and less people are wanting to print images nowadays but it’s still something to think about. The other thing to think about is how would these images work with other types of devices like showing the images on a TV or digital photo frame? I don’t know the answer to that and might not until the cameras are out and I can start to really test one out.

Lytro is now taking orders for its camera now and is available in 2 versions, a 8GB version for $399 or a 16GB version for $499. You can also get the camera in 3 pretty cool colors. Hopefully I can get a unit to test out and once I can get some real tests for everyone i’ll share some more thoughts.


Here are a few examples of what the camera can do. Just click on part of the screen to change the focus.

What do you think of this new technology? Overall I think the idea is pretty cool and the technology amazing. As this gets better and better there may be different types of professional uses in the future. Right now the quality seems to be under what an iPhone 4 can do but i’ll hold most of my thoughts until I can actually test out the camera and see what it can do in real world situations. Another question that I have is how much (if any) control you will have over the post production of the images. The photos have to be brought into a desktop application that they have and then shared from there. So it would appear that the creative control of editing a photo might be missing from this camera which really is a key to creating art. Regardless of where this goes I do think it’s cool to see people thinking of new types of technology for cameras and will definitely check one of these out as soon as I can.

Leave a comment below on what you think about this new camera, I would love to hear your thoughts.

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