Lightroom 4 Beta Develop Module Improvements

One of the most used modules in Lightroom is the Develop module, its where we do all of our corrections and I spend most of my time in Lightroom here. With Lightroom 4 there are some really nice improvements made to the Develop module. Today i’ll cover what some of the differences are in the develop module in Lightroom 4. If you are a Lightroom user make sure to subscribe to our email updates at the top right of the site so you don’t miss any of these articles.

The first big thing you will notice right off the bat is that the sliders in the basic section of the develop module are different and the default values have changed. One really great improvement that they have made in my opinion is that the default values are now all set to 0 for each slider. Moving the slider to the left decreases the amount and moving it to the right increases the amount. This is much more intuitive than it was before.

Also the old Recovery and Fill Light sliders have been replaced with Highlight and Shadow sliders. One big improvement with having these new Highlight and Shadow sliders is that changes you make to them really only effect the shadows and highlights. Before if you tried to increase the fill light a lot to open up dark shadows it would creep into the mid tones and make your image look really flat. Now if you adjust the shadow slider it will only effect the shadows. This is great for helping to give you more dynamic range in your images while not effecting the mid tones. Here is a view of the old basic panel on the left with Lightroom 3 and the Lightroom 4 default basic panel.

lightroom4 develop sliders

The histogram is also broken down into 5 sections now and these all correspond with the sliders below it:

– Blacks
– Shadows
– Exposure
– Highlights
– Whites

There are also some changes to the Tone Curve and lots more control that we have now. If you click on the Tone Curve section and then the Point curve button at the bottom (see photo below) you will then have a dropdown button to select RGB channels. This is great to make quick adjustments to the color of the image. Say you wanted to just warm up a portrait a little bit. Just head over to this section, choose the blue channel and the in the middle of this curve drop down the line a bit to add more yellows to the image and warm it up.

lightroom 4 tone curve2

Another helpful change is in the Lens Correction section and gives us the ability to adjust the Chromatic Aberration by just clicking on a button vs. in Lightroom 3 you had to manually adjust this. From what I have seen so far it seems to do a pretty good job getting rid of Chromatic Aberration in just a click.

remove chromatic abberation

That’s just some of the nice new updates with Lightroom 4. If you have any questions about what’s new in Lightroom 4 let me know, i’ll be writing many more articles and some video walk throughs soon. Just leave me a comment below.

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