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Most of you know I am a huge iPad fan and I also love off camera lighting. Needless to say I was pretty pleased to see that Scott Kelby released a new magazine focused on lighting and it’s exclusively for the iPad! The intro issue for this app packs 54 pages into it and some really quality content. With some great instructors that also put out some quality work like Jermy Cowart, Joe McNally, Jason Groupp and others there are some really solid articles included in this magazine.

There are some really great articles in here with beautiful images to go along with the articles. The layout is very clean and overall the app has a beautiful look to it. Crystal clear images in a format that looks just like a print magazine. If you want to view any of the images larger you can double tap the image to make it full screen which is very nice. The fact that it looks like a print magazine to me though is it’s only downside, I don’t think it fully takes advantage of what you can do with the iPad and there isn’t much interactive or real multi media content within the app. There are a few videos but I would like to see more videos, slideshows, audio clips, more things that really take advantage of the iPad. The app creator did put in place a navigation system where you double tap on text from an article and it zooms in close to that section, then you arrow back and forth to navigate to very zoomed in sections. Although the transitions were cool this way of reading was a little annoying to me. Since the magazine is based off a print design it also has full sized ad’s which I don’t mind for a free issue of a magazine but hope that future issues are priced in a way that cuts down (or eliminates) ads in favor of paying a premium for the content. I always prefer as few of ads as possible when looking at educational material. Another small suggestion for Kelby media group, I know the developer is french but having the loading screen when downloading and the help menu in French isn’t going to work well for most people especially since this is for sale in the US app store.

I know there are going to be many future issues of this magazine coming out for the iPad and I am looking forward to seeing where they are going with this. As an all digital magazine I hope they keep pushing the boundaries and create some amazing stuff going forward.

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