Keep secure with 1Password and save 50% with Heartbleed sale

With all the buzz around the Heartbleed SSL vulnerableity over the past week I started to think about all of the passwords I had out there and start to get the important ones changes (and make sure they are robust passwords). For a few years I have been using an app to manage my passwords that I really love called 1Password. It’s a paid app and normally is $49.99 but one of the apps that I actually use daily and helps me to stay a little safer online.

The app basically can create strong passwords for you when you are creating a new account (or updating your password on an existing account) and saves them within the app securely. I know Apple now has their password generator built within Safari but I continue to use 1Password since it’s so easy to manage your existing passwords along with the extra functionality of storing your important info like email logins, website FTP info, your software licenses, wireless logins, bank accounts, secure notes, credit card info. Anything that you want to keep safe they can keep locked away in the app.


The app also can be setup a few different ways to sync across multiple computers or devices. They do sell the iOS apps separate but if you have multiple computers or the iOS apps as well you can keep all of your passwords in sync so you always have your login info handy. The app is very well designed and even the quick newsletters or updates from the company are always done very well with just the right amount of personal touch.

With the recent heartbleed news everywhere they decided to offer all their apps at 50% off, so if you need a really strong password manager application I definitely suggest giving this a try.

You can download the app from the Mac app store here for 50%:

Also the iOS app is also 50% off so you can get this for $8.99 right now. It’s an app that I use daily and a great part I like about it is the built in browser. So you can simply go to a password record you have and launch a browser. It will populate your username/password automatically. Really easy and since I have unique and very long passwords for all my accounts it makes it fast to login to an account and check something.

Check out a few more screenshots here:



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