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Apple’s long awaited iPhone refresh was announced today and pretty was as expected if you follow the rumor mill. No iPhone 5 this year but a new and improved iPhone 4. While a lot of the discussion today revolved around iOS 5 and iCloud (both which are pretty awesome) many of the changes with the iPhone 4S are in the camera and it got some pretty good attention during the keynote. So whats really new with the iPhone 4S in regards to the camera? Here is a quick recap of whats to come on October 14th with the camera on the iPhone.

First the sensor – The iPhone 4S will sport a 8 megapixel sensor which creates a 3264×2448 pixel photo. Although we all know that just by having more megapixels really doesn’t mean anything in creating a good photo, the new sensor along with improvements with the lens, filter and software should make for a very nice improvement over the iPhone 4.

New optics – The lens in the iPhone 4S is a 5 element lens that provides 30% more sharpness compared to the iPhone 4 along with a new aperture at f/2.4 (compared to f/2.8 of the iPhone 4).

Backside illumination sensor – The iPhone 4S also has a new CMOS sensor with backside illumination which will let it capture 73% more light and also gives a 33% faster image capture. Also on top of the sensor they added a new Hybrid IR filter which will give better color accuracy and more uniformity with colors.

Faster processor – One sweet part of a faster processor overall is that there is less delay in launching the camera and taking photos. With the iPhone 4S to take the first photo it will take 1.1 seconds and then only .5 seconds for the next shots.

Better integration into the phone – One of the coolest parts of iOS 5 is way that the camera app is integrated into the OS. If your phone is locked and you double tap the home button a Camera icon will appear. Just click the camera icon and the app will appear right away, even if your phone is password protected you don’t have to enter in the password and can quickly access the camera to take a quick shot. You can also use the volume up button to click the shutter which comes in very handy. This really makes the camera more seamless and with a faster processor will make it easier to capture quick moments with your iPhone.

Also here is a gallery of unretouched images from the iPhone 4S. Click on an image to view it full resolution and really check out the quality of the first shot which is at the end of a day with the shadows in pretty low light. Still has a lot of detail in the shadow area and pretty sharp image! (Right click and save as to download the images full size to your computer)

iPhone 4s camera example

iPhone 4s camera example

iPhone 4s camera

Of course on launch day (October 14th) i’ll have a detailed review with comparisons of the iPhone 4S vs the iPhone 4 camera so we can see real world examples. Check back soon for more info!

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