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When the newest iOS was announced last week one of the coolest features Apple rolled out was the ability for the iPhone to shoot HDR images. One of the many frustrations that a lot of people have with photography in general is its limited scope of view. Cameras can only capture a limited range of light compared to what our eyes can see. Since are eyes are always scanning a scene and our brain is filling in the details we always think in our mind that a scene doesn’t have as much contrast in light as it actually does. With the latest version of the iOS for iPhone (iOS 4.1) released today you now have an extra button at the top of the screen for “HDR on”. When you switch this button on the iPhone will now take 3 different photos at the same time, one with normal exposure, one overexposing and one underexposing. Then the iPhone merges all 3 of these images together to give you a photo with a much better dynamic range. While this isn’t going to compare with shooting 5 images with your DSLR and using a professional grade HDR software to make an HDR image it still will give your photos a broader range and can really improve some of your casual snapshots with your iPhone.

The only bummer in my mind about this feature is you can’t adjust anything. I wish you could adjust how much over and under the other exposures were or even to see them. In typical Apple fashion its all simple and easy to do which means for advanced users you don’t have the full control you would like. But after using this for a little while I definitely think it’s a useful feature and look forward to more cameras with HDR type features, I think the future of cameras is going to start moving away from more megapixels and into software that edits and processes the images in camera and can’t wait to see what the future holds!

Here are a few before and after images to give you an idea of what it can do:

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  1. While the quality as we see it is improved. I’m not sure I’d go as far as calling it HDR though.

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