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IPad. First reviews

After using the iPad off and on today here are my first impressions. First of all I do have to say that it is a very different type of device. Because of the touch screen you interact differently with it compared to any other type of computer or even the iphone. One thing that apple did really well and as a creative person I totally appreciate is the UI and the apps that came with it. It really has some of the most beautiful apps i have used, everything is polished beyond polished.  The detail in the apps is gorgeous and everything runs very smooth.  Apple really left no detail untouched from the calendars program to the notes it is designed with more detail than most desktop software.    

The size for a portable computer is great, i could see using this while traveling as a perfect device to check my email, the web, blog.  Most of what I use my laptop for could very easily be replaced with the iPad.  Only a few things it can’t do that my laptop can do is because of software.  But I am sure as companies get creative and release apps you could very easily replace your laptop with an iPad. All I need is a few client proofing type apps and quick editing and it can easily replace a laptop  Once companies create apps that take advantage of the touch screen I think you could have a mobile device that can do much more than a laptop of today.  Touchscreen does really open up a new and more intuitive way of using a computer.  The apps are really going to be what sets this apart and knowing the excitement from some developers I think there is going to be some groundbreaking stuff coming out down the road.

Aside from the business uses of the iPad it makes a extremely good entertainment device. Although I have never used a kindle, the books feature is great. You can change the fonts and font size and after reading for awhile it didn’t strain my eyes at all. Movies are clear, photos are brilliant, and with a stand it makes for a cool photo frame when you aren’t using it. For entertainment on the go this is the best device I have ever used.  So slim and lightweight and the battery is great. I didn’t track ever minute today but have been using it for hours and still have 80% battery life left.   

There are some limitations to it though.  First it really is a web based machine, most apps are designed to be used while you are connected to the web so if you travel a lot the 3G model i think is your best bet.  I purchased the 16GB wi-fi version and have been on the go all day today (I am actually typing this from the car on my iPad in the notes program). There have been so many times already that I really needed to use a program but couldn’t since I am not on wi-fi. The other thing to get used to is the keyboard, without the tactile feedback it takes you some getting used to.  Maybe after a few days i will be used to it but maybe not.  It isn’t terrible but it is small and takes some time to get the hang of it.  The spell check does work well and is very easy just tap a word  and it will give you suggestions so even with the small keyboard it is easy to fix your mistakes 

There are a lot of ways you can use the iPad for your photography business. I’ll go into some more detail later on this week and give some reviews of different apps that you can apply to your photography.

Here is my first list of amazing apps for the iPad: 10 great iPad apps for photographers 
I have found some amazing new apps since so look out for a new list coming soon.

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Mark is a fine art wedding and portrait photographer from Northern California. He has been passionate about photography since childhood and started his studio 12 years ago to bring a fresh style of photography to the wedding and portrait world.

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