iPad 2 Video Camera Review

When the iPad 2 was released I first wanted to test out some of the new features that Apple had added to the iPad. I did a review of the iPad’s camera quality in comparison to the iPhone 4 (iPad 2 camera review), and while the camera does leave much to be desired today I want to focus on the video quality of the iPad 2.

The video features when used for facetime calls works well, video streaming is always limited in quality so you don’t expect a great image so for this the iPad 2 works just fine. But I wanted to see how the video recording quality of the iPad 2 was. So I again compared the iPad 2 vs the iPhone 4 to see how it holds up in video recording. Here you can see the results of a few quick tests of the iPad 2 vs the iPhone 4 (iPhone is on the right pane). Overall the video recording is pretty good, you might not be the next Speilberg using an iPad but for a quick video capture of something while on the go it’s not too bad. The main limitation is in low light where the shadows get very noisy and have a real blotchy watercolor type effect the noise is so big. Just like I said with the iPad camera review though it is awkward to hold and try to capture photos or video so most people will probably stick to their smart phones to capture video.

Here is the comparison of the iPad 2 video vs the iPhone 4. Let me know what you think in the comments below:

Also just a little reminder how its all about the vision not the gear we have check out this awesome video all produced on the iPhone 4 from awhile back. iPhone 4 video production – its all about the art not the gear.

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